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BabyBound - April 11

Hi Ladies...I had my u/s today...3 follicles in my right ovary. Sizes are 19, 17, 16. The nurse said that was great. I go back tomorrow for hcg shot in hopes that the 16 and 17 gets bigger. IUI is scheduled for Wed. I'm so excited ;D ;D ;D!!! She said my lining was low...7.02 ??? What should it be ???

I'm just so thrilled to have made it to another stage in my process. Wish me luck on Wednesday. Baby Dust to you all.


WantsBaby2 - April 11

I am not so sure what the lining should be, but I am so happy you have a few follies to work with! It will really increase your chances! Good luck to you on Wednesday. I will be thinking of you and I will say a little prayer that it will be successful for you. There has been a lot of IUI pregnancies around here lately so it CAN happen for you. Stay positive!

Much baby dust to you!



ElizabethS - April 11

Babybound - I have a great feeling that you are in fact baby bound. I have no idea of what your uterine lining should look dr. is not too informative when it comes to this. I wish you luck and will be crossing my fingers and praying for you.

Good luck on Wednesday.


Fortyfour - April 12

My doc likes the lining to be over 8 by the week of transfer. Good luck I feel good vibes for you. Take care.


cassandra - April 12

babybound, The follicles sound like a perfect size! Good luck tomorrow!....cassandra


BabyBound - April 14

Well Ladies, the iui went well today. I had a little cramping, but I'm feeling much better. NOW, on to the 2ww. I have confidence that I won't drive myself crazy that's with your help, of course. Wish me luck :D


SMS1129 - April 14


That sounds great...3 nice size follicles, definitely increases your chances! I wish you luck on your test in 2 weeks!!



Fortyfour - April 14

Good luck babybound and I hope the 2ww goes quickly for you. Keep in touch to vent at any time.



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