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BabyBound - April 4

I started my clomid yesterday. I've been waiting to start since March. Do the clomid make you just as batty as the other drugs? I have to take it for 5 days and I go in for an u/s on the 11th and hopefully the iui sometime next week. I just excited that the process as started.


tiggerpounce418 - April 6

I just completed my 1st cycle w/ Clomid a few days ago. I don't really think I had any side effects from it. However, it's hard to say b/c at the same day I started it, I came down w/ a really bad sinus infection. Then I had 2 bad reactions to antibiotics that were given to me. What an ordeal this month has been! :P Good luck!


BabyBound - April 6

Thanks to you all for the well wishes. The clomid is only making me very tired and a little nausea.

Tigger, sorry for the reactions you had to your
medicine. Are you doing iui?

Wantsababy, what part of Chicagoland are you from and what clinic do you use. I'm in Des Plaines and I go to Infertility Centers of IL (Glenview locations).

I have to get something off my chest. My boss is driving me crazy. I have found out a lot of bad things about her. Well, she's pg by someone other than her dh (not so dear) and the guy's wife just had twins. She's aware of my inferitility problems and my m/c in 2003...but her insentivity is driving me crazy. Yesterday and this morning, she makes sure she rubs her belly and tells me how the baby is growing so fast and how uncomfortably she is...ugh...shut up and get away from my desk already. It's hard because I don't have any respect for her and she's a very self-centered person.

Thanks for listening.


WantsBaby2 - April 6

Wow, what a hussie! ::) Sometimes I think people like that are just deliberately mean. They know exactly what they are doing!! She knows she is getting to you and that is why she is doing it! >:( Does her husband know the baby is not his? What a dilemma. Remember, what goes around usually comes around my dear! It amazes me how some people derive such pleasure out of making other people feel bad.

I live in Bolingbrook and I go to the Rush Copley Center for Reproductive Health in Aurora. Dr. Binor is great and I know some friends of friends who have had a lot of success under his care. It's nice to have someone else from Chicagoland on the boards here!

I actually work with a lot of men, and unbelievably, they have been really supportive and understanding of my situation. It shocks the heck out of me! They are always asking how I am doing and how I am holding up. It is all of my fertile women friends and a few women co-workers that show no sympathy. Go figure.
The world can be a weird place.

I wish you buckets and buckets FULL of babydust for a successful cycle.



Fortyfour - April 7

I would rather be in your position than in that evil womens position. That poor kid. GIve her as little attention as you can. When she rubs her belly do everything you can to not look at her doing it, like it is not even happening. I hope things get better for you.


meridithhasfaith - April 7

Hi Babybound

That's awful about your boss doing that stuff in front of you. I have found that people like that don't really plan it to hurt you because that would take being understanding of someone else's situation and sadness. I don't believe she has that capacity. She is just being callous and insensitive because she is just that way. I agree with 44 that you shouldn't give her any attention at all and when she doesn't get her payoff (attention) she will go away.
Good luck



BabyBound - April 7

Thank you guys for listening and understanding. I must say she kept on going yesterday and I did give her some attention. Not anymore. I hate the fact that I have to let her now when I'm going to be out of the office for dr's appt. I really don't like discussing my situation with her.

Wantsababy...yes her husband knows and the guy's wife knows. She had to give birth to their twins by herself. My boss waited until her tummy was poking out before so the office can see instead of her announcing it. Again, the attention grabber!! I really do think she is going to reap was she sow and I feel sorry for the innocent baby.

It's funny...we are a two person department and people are asking if I'm going to organize a baby shower (sarcastily) and the answer is a BFN!!!


maria32 - April 8

I'm sorry to hear that you have such a selfish boss. I understand how it feels having to work with people like that. My co-workers are sisters the older sister had difficulty having a child and was on clomid x 6months before she got pregnant. Her daughter turns 1 yr. this month, and she just found out she is 7 wks pregnant. All she's been doing is complaining about having another child. As for the other sister, well she never wanted kids to begin with. She states that the only reason she got pregnant was because all her friends had kids and she thought she should enleast have one. Her son turns 18 months this month. Through her whole pregnancy she complained about how miserable pregnancy was and how she wished that parasite would be born already. For 9 whole months that child was called a parasite sucking the life out of her. When she found out that her sister was pregnant again she told her right in front of me that if it was her she would would commit suicide or get an abortion. I feel your pain.


Fortyfour - April 8

Wow is all I can say. That story was jawdropping. I hope she never get pg again. I am sorry you have to work with these people.

Take care.



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