Fertility Monitor question
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silverseeds - July 22

So, I am very new at this...
I have never tried a fertility monitor, but a friend of mine told me about this
they have an OV watch that you can rent for 24.99 per month
or the OvaCue 2 for 19.99 per month.
I have not tried either one, and I have a limited budget. Has anyone tried either one, or heard anything about the effectivenss?
I prefer the one that is easier to use, and most accurate. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, thanks!


lyly14 - July 22

I don't really know about the 2 monitors you mentioned, but I did buy the clearblue easy fertility monitor. The monitor is quite expensive, but it did help me to see that I have a distinct pattern of ovulation and is very easy to use. I always have my LH surge around day 15 or 16. If you have very regular cycles and your budget is limited you can try an over the counter ovulation prediction kit (opk). These are usually inexpensive and you can get them in your local drug store. There are also a couple of websites that sell them at lower prices. I have used www.babyhopes.com they sell the sticks for less than $20 for about 25, but there are many other sites out there. If you have a regular cycle and use them for a few months you will see if you ovulate around the same time each month. Good luck!


TammieT - July 23

Hi Silverseeds,

I am currently using the OV Watch. While using the OPK's I always thought that I o'ed around the middle of my cycle (around day 14). Using the ov watch, it has shown that I actually o'ed later in my cycle (around day 2 - 3 days later).

So for me, the ov watch is alot more accurate at telling when you o that the opk's. Also, there's no POS and you just wear it at night and it tells you what your fertile days are (four full days before you o).



bdantonio - July 24

i used the clearblue ovulation monitor also expensive but worth every penny i got pregnate 6 times with it unfortunity i lost all but one


4baby4us - December 12

I have a CB Fert Mon. I used it for 2 months before I found out from an HSG and a SA that we both have IF issues. so my monitor is of no use to me anymore.

But I was using OPKs and my mon. The OPKS were usually aday behind my peak on my monitor.

But I did LOVE my monitor, it just used a lot more sticks than what I wanted to. It also kept track of your cycle and counted your days and it used to forewarn me when AF was due to show up.

Try ebay.com also for the OV watch and CBFM.


ttc458 - July 7

i thought of getting a ovulation monitor...but then i found this website... I would like to tell everyone about this really helpful website I came across. I have been ttc for over 2.5 years and this website is the best one I have found. The information is detailed, and teaches you how to read your bodies fertility signs.



aprild23 - August 10

i have not tried either one of those. i'm brand new to all this as well. my husband and i have been trying for over a year. i've spent countless hours reading up and counting your cycle, taking your temp and recording it, and checking your mucus is cheap, easy, and you get the same results!! i've tried a couple ovulation kits and after my gyno suggested what i have i saved money for sure! no pregnancy yet, but we're going to keep trying. good luck to you :)


Ianmichael3 - November 14

Hi, sorry no one has responded as yet- I'd encourage you to post your questions on a thread that is frequented often, just take your time surfing through them. There's so much to ask and a lot of that just depends on what you have been doing to TTC..... We saw the specialist on 10/22 and I wrote down all the questions I wanted to cover & covered all of them but one. The doc sent us a really nice letter, summing up what our fertility plan was for the next 3 cycles.

Good luck & lots of baby dust to you!


admin - December 2




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