Fairly new to all of this!
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Kari - February 25

Hi! I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I am 37 y.o and live in Orlando. My hubby and I have been trying for children for about 16 months, last four with fertility clinic. We have had two unsuccessful IUI's. Used Letrozole and Ovidril. My fertility friends who have children keep saying I need to be more assertive and ask the Dr. for the next step. Will be calling for a consult tomorrow. At this point, all we know is I have a "toxic uterus for the sperm"....my husbands terms. I guess the next step would be using meds plus shots I guess. Is that right?

Thanks for any suggestions!
Kari :)


RB - March 3

Hi Kari,

I'm a newbie as well - my name is Reshma and I am 36 y.o. My husband and I have been trying for the last 5 years but have only started looking at assisted reproduction within the last two years. I have PCOS but otherwise unexplained infertility. My husband has no problems - he was only too proud of himslef and his little boys ;) We decided to go straight to IVF b/c my OB/GYN is a fertility specialist and I trust him with my life!

We started our first IVF cycle in Feb. The first step is b/w and u/s then you start shots (menopur) for about 10-12 days. I had an HCG shot on 21/02. ER was on 22/02 and we had 3 embies transferred on Feb 24 and 3 were frozen; 4 didnt make it. We are now playing the wating game....on mar 07 i will know whether its BFN :'( or BFP ;D.

Let me know how the consult goes...i'm happy to share whatever i know but this forum is a great resource. If you havent already, check out some of the other topics.

Baby dust and positive thoughts to you,



shawnda - March 6

hello I'm also new to the forum!! I haven't had IVF or anything of that nature, I was on clomid for 18 months and nothing come of that but a cyst on my ovary. Still thinking positive thoughts and have to wait 2 weeks before we start TTC again i had to have surgery to have the Cyst removed and everything went well.
Think Positive, Shawnda


ECARROLL - April 13

Hi Ladies,
I am new to this board so I will like to introduce myself.I have just started clomid on the 9th of April,I have been ttc for 4 yrs I have one daughter she 8ys old.I've tried one natural drug before going to the dr and it was ovulex and I had no sucess with it, but I have heard others say it help, with clomid should I also take some type of tonic? or just stick with the prenatal care vitiams? all comments will be appriecatied!!!
BABY DUST TO ALLLLLL :)[color=Purple][/color]



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