Early Pregnancy Test
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ElizabethS - April 19

I have committed the Cardinal Sin of the 2ww! I took an early pregnancy test this morning and it came out negative, :-[ I had my eggs retrieved last Monday and transferred back in last Thursday. I am supposed to get my blood work results this Saturday. (so it is not really a two week wait for me)

I am only on progesterone and I don't think that would interfer with my pregnancy test.

Now I am just sad and feeling dumb. I guess I got sick of waiting.

Has anyone done this before? Should I believe in these results? I have a little bit of hope that we still might be pregnant, but it is fading quickly.


cassandra - April 19

Elisabeth, I really think it is too early to believe those reults! It's only been ,what, 5 days? Don't get down on yourself yet girl! You only have a 1ww? Too early to determine for sure! Try not to get upset yet. I started hpting early too but early for me was 9 days! Take it easy. cassandra


WantsBaby2 - April 19

It's way too early to test. I would do things exactly the way your doctor tells you to. I am wondering why you only have a 1ww? That seems like too short of a wait. Can they know for sure after 1 week? I am not a doctor, but it doesn't sound right to me. I will toss a ton of baby dust your way for a positive! Take care.



ElizabethS - April 19

Thanks girls - hopefully my post will help others who might consider trying to find out on their own. My dh told me that there is a reason why doctors have you test when they do.

I do not know why my dr. tests so early. I will actually have the first blood work done on Thursday (one week after the transfer) They normally do not tell you the results....it is used as a baseline for the Saturday test. I will be asking questions on Thursday based off everyone here having to wait two weeks.

I am still hopeful and more dumb then sad. You would have thought that infertility would have taught me a little bit more about patience.


BabyBound - April 19

Elizabeth, I can only imagine the temptation to test early. I test on the 27th (2ww). Is your b/w Friday for progesterone level? I test today, which is one week after my IUI and my level is 17 (I'm told 15 or higher is good), so I don't have to use any progesterone supplements. Don't feel silly. I actually told my DH to hide the extra hpt we have at home so I want test early. He's extremely patience!!

Don't be discouraged...this still can be your month.


ElizabethS - April 19

Baby Bound
I will test on Thursday, but I am not sure what it is for.(progestin or hcg)

Unfortunately, my fertility office doesn't share much information, and often I'm not sure what to ask.

I will ask for more clarification on Thursday. I am glad you had positive results. That might be enough to get you through the next week.

Baby Dust to all of us!


ElizabethS - April 19

Well....I am feeling a bit more relieved. I just read on another ivf site that hcg levels can be detected by a home pregnancy test no earlier than day 12 after transfer.

I hate how this process can make you so nutty. I always thought I would be able to be so cool and relaxed. Who was I kidding.....they should make very inexpensive day spas for women to retreat to in their 2ww.

Thanks for letting me share my craziness.


shaz - April 19

Hi Elizabeth,

Please dont be too stressed about the pregnancy test. I know it's hard to be patient and we are all here waiting with you and supporting you.

I hope Saturday goes well for you. I will be praying for you



Fortyfour - April 20

Elizabeths. When I did my fresh transfer i started testing on day 10 and did not get a positive until day 13 and then a positive blood test on day 14.
Good luck. The 2WW is sooooooo hard.



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