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Darlene - May 20

Ok, well after almost 2 months of waiting, TODAY finally was my scheduled Doctors appt with Dr Seal. If anyone remembers I posted because my family practise doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, Im just fat and cant have a baby.
Anyway I made an appt with Dr Seal, reccomended to me from a friend who has PCOS, he is an OBGYN and infertility specialist. I was going to get my second opinion and see if he could help me.

Well I pull into the office area at 8.30am, early...didnt need to be there till 9am but I was excited/nervous, and had never been there before so wanted to be on time. Im sitting in my car and my cell phone rings.... its the secretary from his office... Dr Seal is delivering a baby this morning and they need to re-schedule ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

So I sat and cried for about 15 minutes then headed off to work....

Until June 2nd I guess....


tiggerpounce418 - May 20

I'm sorry for your disappointment. That must have been really frustrating, but...what can you do? Hopefully this dr will be able to help you better than your last doc. I also have my 1st appt to see RE set for June (6/10). Good luck!


BabyBound - May 20

Darlene, I know how you feel to get so close and have to take what seems like a hundred steps back. I hope this dr is the perfect fit for you. Good luck.


Fortyfour - May 20

Darlene, I would have cried also. This whole thing is full of hurry up and waits. Take care and dont stop now. Keep in touch.


WantsBaby2 - May 21

Sorry about the reschedule. Nothing about doctor's offices is ever fun. Just when you get geared up, you have to come to a complete stop. Try not to be too disappointed. June 2nd is just right around the corner.



meridithhasfaith - May 22

I'm so sorry that happened to you. ROTTEN timing to say the least!

Not sure how doctor's offices work but I think scheduled appts. and being on-call is only asking for something like that to happen. Yet another example of how the professionals don't seem to get how a set back or delay in someone dealing with infertility can be crushing. *hugs*



Debie - May 23

Darlene I'm sorry about your dissappointment, waitying can be extremely stressful, but you'll be fine June 2 is almost here.



Darlene - May 23

Funny thing is I have 2 friends that go to him...and they have NEVER had it happen to them...... my bad luck I guess????

The secretary said he has June 2nd scheduled for just appointments, so hopefully there will be nothing that will cause this appt to reschedule....

Just waiting again....



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