Cervical Mucus ??
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BabyBound - April 22

If anyone know the answer to this question, I'll appreciate a response:

I've read that you can tell when you ovulated by the texture of your cervical mucas. It should be like egg whites...well I want to know is that after you've ovulated or before. I've been noticing it for the past couple of months and the day after IUI I noticed it and it was mixed with darkish blood. They told me I may see some spotting after the iui, but I didn't. Only the dark brown egg white texture. It was only that one time that I saw it. So I was wondering, if I've ovulated to late or if it was right on time


meridithhasfaith - April 22

Hi Babybound

I am by no means an expert but I always thought the egg white texture and ovulation were simultaneous so that the sperm could swim easily through the thinned out mucous? I am sure your iui was timed ok and I have read that sperm can live and penetrate an egg up to 72 hours so even if it was off by a half day, I am sure it was fine.
Good luck!



Lynne - April 22

Again another with no expertise but i found that I get the mucusy stuff a couple days prior and it stays like that for about 4 days right at ovulation time, something to do with our hormones working properly ( the sperm live quite happily in it until they are done being lost and use a map to find our eggs, god forbid they ask directions and no i am not putting up sign posts. ;D


tiggerpounce418 - April 22


You are too funny! ;D


BabyBound - April 22

Thanks Meridith & Lynne. I know sperm usually can last up to 72 hours, but post-washed sperm used in IUI only last up to 12 hours. I got my trigger shot the morning of the 12th and IUI was done the afternoon of the 13th.

Of course, I only thinking about this stuff because I'm on the 2nd end of the wait...and trying to figure out if it worked. I'm sure the timing was right. I promised DH I want test early and he's holding me to it. I know not to make that promise again.

Lynne...I think we should start a comedy board for you. Keep the laughs coming. :D :D

Baby dust to us all!


WantsBaby2 - April 23

You're killing me Lynne, you're really killing me! :) :D ;D


Fortyfour - April 24

Maybe we can install uteral navigation systems for the sperm.

Good luck babybound - the last week will make one crazy. I hope it worked.


Lynne - April 25

give the sperm gps systems..... bet all our husbands would be willing to try that system out. ;D



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