Calling all those with uexplained infertility
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silli_kitti - May 20

I'm new to ART and glad I found these boards! You ladies are very encouraging and supportive.

I'm just wondering, for all those with unexplained infertility, what are your protocols?

I'm doing 50 mg Clomid + IUI.

I begged and pleaded for a protocol with high success rate as I am 37 and wanting at least 2 babies, so I would like it to go as fast as possible so I'm not 45 trying for #2! But I don't like the 10-15% (per cycle) success rate.

Is there anyone in their upper 30's or older doing something different, or that has had success with something else that I could ask my RE about?


BabyBound - May 20

I don't have unexplained infertity...our dx was mild male factor, however we did use clomid and iui. Because of my age (35), my RE started me off right away with 100mg of clomid. I produced three follies and it was successful. I wish you all the luck on your journey.


Fortyfour - May 20

Hi - I had unexplained infertility for years until my ovaries decided to quit producing quality eggs. I took clomid at 40 and had nothing but cysts. I am using donor egg now. Good luck with this. I hope you get your baby.


silli_kitti - May 24

Congratulations babybound!

I'm so envious that you were successful on your first try! My clinic got my hopes up when they told me of two couples that had no infertility factors, other than they can't seem to get pregnant, and who found success on their first try.

We have no infertility factors, its our third time up at bat with two strikes already. I don't think I'm going to mentally survive another BFN.

I just can't reconcile it in my mind, if there's no factors, what is going wrong if 5x the usual amount of sperm are right there waiting for the egg and nothing happens?


Trying in NH - May 30

We also have unexplained infertility. We have been ttc for a year now and have also already tried 3 cycles of just clomid and now, 2 cycles of clomid and IUI. We took a month off due to our vacation in FL and now are discussing whether we should push to skip the last month of clomid and go right to injections with IUI. I am going to call my DR in the morning and see if we can do that. We tried au natural this month but don't hold any hope for that.

Here is loads of baby dust your way and hope that you won't have to see that BFN again!


rosy - May 30

I have unexplained infertility too. I am in the middle of the 2 week wait after my first IUI with injections. I only produced one follicle but apparently that's all you need.

I think one of the problems with unexplained infertility is that it's only unexplained until they do IUI and IVF - sometimes the problems are not uncovered until a few unsuccessful attempts.

I read a great book that said most people should go straight to IVF if they can afford it because it will more likely be successful. I am sure that's a controversial statement but it may be worth looking into if you are very concerned about age.

Good luck with your cycles....they are pretty stressful but I'm sure totally worth it if they work!


enufkm - May 15

I had my first at 40 and am trying for my second. We were 1 month away from seeking fertility assistance when we got pregnant the first time. However, my husband travels a lot (not so helpful when ttc) and they suspect that I have PCOS. So, we're starting with IUI (first cycle). We aren't using clomid, they put me right onto gonal f injections. I'm not sure how that rates for success rates compared to your treatment.

I feel for you and understand the pressure you are feeling. We feel so completely blessed to have our miracle daughter. Even though we really want her to have a sibling, we feel considerably less pressure this time around.

Anyway, don't give up all hope if it takes a little while. There are a lot of older moms out there these days. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!



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