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Chiquita1 - September 27

Hello! New here

I go to the doctor tommorrow and I defenitely have a blocked tube and I am having surgery tommorrow. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing here. Please help!
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Hi - New here - but decided to stop lurking :)

April 14th I had my surgery. I went in for the dye to check for blocage, adn to remove and endo tissue (had a lap two years prior - for endo, fibroids, adhesions etc)... he found my whole right tube was blocked- he unblocked it. The surgery was over 3 hours. I went home that Afternoon. (day surgery) :)
I felt SORE..but nothing I couldnt' handle. I went out to eat w/ family at the restaraunt even before going home first.
I was laying around all weekend taking it easy. i headed to work on the following Monday (two days after surgery) I made it till 11:00 and then I HAD to go home. To go to work meant that I could not take the Percocet pain pills - cuz I had to drive.
SO by 10:00 or so I was in pain and needed to go home.
BUT I returned to work the very next day and did fine.
It's not super scarey - of course I have a high threshold for pain I suppose.
You will be tender for many days following the surgery. My doctor didn't even have me do a follow up apt.. he used disolving stitches ( a great invention!) and they disolved w/in about two or so weeks.
I would do it again if I had to.
SOOO - now last week was my first round ever of Clomid.
Crossing fingers, praying, and pleading for Baby #2 FINALLY



Chiquita1 - September 27

:( :'(

Please help, I have one tube that is blocked and almost 40. I see my time running out really fast. I see my doctor tommorrow to schedule surgery for unblocking this tube. Please give me some advise



bitch - October 21

i have blocked tubes and they are scared i was told by my doctor i wasnt allowed to do anythink for a week i wasnt aload to cook put the kettle on or anythink the next step i was put on clomid for 6mths


Brianandjena - August 20

Hi I am new here. I didn't realize that there were so many sections talking about the same
I am being checked for hydrosalpinx. I posted my post under hydrosalpinx. I am having the dye test done after my next menstrual cycle(about the 6th or so) and I don't have a clue as to what I'm in for. I am scared and am struggling with anxiety over it.
Any and all information is so greatly appreciated


london - April 27

Hello i am new here let me start by giving ou all little histor of me I havee been tring to conceive for the last 3 ears with no success I have never been pregnant . Two ears ago i had a hsg and everthing was all clear so about 7months ago i started to see a RE .
First she started me off with clomid and I was producing follicles and ovulating regular then after 3 months she started monitoring me and at first the thought it was a cst but came to find out that it was a hdrosalpinx in m right tube. So after doing the lap she discoverd that I did have a hdro and she removed it but she also said the m left tube was closed but she was able to open it but it was alot of scar tissue. i go and see her on tuesda for a post op she did inform m dh that I probabl can onl get pregnant through IVF .
Do ou think i should first tr with the open left tube for awhile?
do ou think she should have ust remove the left tube before tring IVF because I do not understand wh the left tube was close do ou think hdro was in that tube too.



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