Bit the bullet....
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meridithhasfaith - April 8

I agree with Cindy. Don't let anything get in the way of your dream.
I think your doctor pressed too hard when feeling for your ovaries which is what caused the pain and bruising. (just my opinion) If women have a little extra "fluff" in the belly, it can make it hard to palpate the ovaries and he really should have gone straight for u/s if he wasn't able to feel them.
Good luck with the blood work and u/s results, let us know!



Fortyfour - April 9

Sorry about your bruise. Next time if they are hurting you tell them and have him be more gentle. I had a doc once who squeezed my ovaries too tight. When I complained he said "that what guys feel like when kicked in the groin" Did I need to know that? Take care girl and keep on trucking.


WantsBaby2 - April 10

I am really proud that you went to the doc. I know it is difficult when fear is a factor. You will feel better once they can give you some answers as to what is going on with you. It is not so fun I know.

I wish you the best of luck with all your tests and I will say a prayer that whatever is keeping you from having babies will be a simple solution.

Let us know as soon as you find out enything!



Darlene - April 12

Im still waiting...... waiting sucks... Im not a very patient person....

I dont figure I'll hear anything till maybe Wed-Thur.....still I wish id be put out of my misery...

I know what your going to say......

Get used to waiting LOL


Darlene - April 12

Ok...well my husband got a call this morning with his blood results...we went at the same Ive been sitting here waiting, hoping the phone would ring.

So Annie (The doctors asst) calls, she said the ultra sound was normal, and the doctor wanted to make an appointment to see where we go from here. I then asked her, well has my blood work come in?? She asked me when I had it done, I told her Friday, before my husband. She said she would look into it and call me more waiting....

I mean Im glad the u/s was ok, so no cysts...but where does that leave me?? I dont have PCOS? There's absolutely nothing wrong with me?? Im just fat and cant have a baby???? I feel like I just want to cry...but I know they still havent revwd all my hormone levels and such in the blood work, so I cant get upset about things till the blood test is back.....

So I'll wait....again....

Ok, well Annie just called back, she finally got my blood work and will have the Doctor review it, she said she will call me back tomorrow....


Fortyfour - April 13

Darlene, try not to blame yourself for your infertility. You do not know why yet and you cant alwlays blame it on obesity since alot of obese women get pregnant. I realize that it is hard not to do. I hated it when I was told mine was unexplained infertility. Now it is because my eggs are caput but it was so frustrating not knowing what to do to make myself get pg. We all wonder what we could do different to make a pg happen. We would stand on our heads and eat worms if it would help. It is not your fault that you are infertile. take care of yourself and keep in touch. Be gentle with yourself my freind. We are here for you.


Darlene - April 13

Well, blood tests came back...she said they are fine.....

I guess Im just too fat to have a baby...

I dont know what to do from here.....

No periods, infertility, acne, extra weight, freaking having to shave everyday to get rid of a beard........ how does all of this mean nothing???? How can my hormones be ok if I can grow a beard better than half the men I know.. freaking almost every symptom of PCOS.

I just dont know what to do...

Im now lost....


TTC in SoCal - April 13

Darlene.... you sound like you have thyroid issues. tell you doctor to run a complete thyroid panel on you (not just TSH)... TSH can be normal, but your thyroid could still be out of whack. They need to check for thyroid antibodies, T3 and T4.... Hypothyroidism is known to cause infertility. YOu have to be really firm with your doctor, though, because most will only look at the TSH and refuse to do anything else.
I have hashimoto's (sounds worse than it is) so i have been reading up on as much thyroid info as I can.

good luck and congratulations on finding the courage to go to the doctor.


Darlene - April 13

I just called another doctors office. He was refered to me by a friend who has PCOS, he is an OBGYN and she really liked him, he works with infertility. He is covered by my insurance, and they said he is accepting new patients. I left a voice mail for the assistant there to call me back so I can set an appointment.

I refuse to believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Ive had irregular and missed periods since 13-14 (At a regular weight), facial hair from a young age, 4 years of TTC at various weights. I lost 52lbs on the South Beach Diet and it didnt do anything to regulate my periods. This just frustrates me so much! With all these other issues I have, how can they tell me that everything is fine...I just need to lose weight.

Ok Im trying not to upset myself again. I will get a copy of the blood tests and take it in when I get an appt with this new doctor.
If when I get a second opinion, he agree's there is nothing wrong with me...then I guess thats it...


Darlene - April 13

Well, the OBGYN cant see me till 05/20...

So I guess things are on hold for a while....*sigh*


TTC in SoCal - April 13

Darlene.... it sucks to have to wait for a doctor. But make good use of the time. Get a copy of your test results and do your own research so you can ask the doc good questions. This will help save time in the long run. There are many factors that affect infertility.... your thyroid is one of them, so make sure they do a full panel. Also.... when it's time to test hubby's sperm, they make a special condom he can use and then you can take it to the doctor's office yourself... provided you live close enough.
good luck... it is a sometimes difficult journey and i am always amazed at the ladies on this board who keep the hope and faith alive....


Fortyfour - April 14

Hi Darlene - TTc is right that thyroid problems can cause facial hair and period problems. I have older female patients that suddenly grow beards and have their thyroids checked out. I am with you. I hate to wait.


Darlene - April 14

Well Im feeling a little better today.

I talked with my friend who refered me to the OBGYN I have an appt with in May. She said he is an excellent doctor and a fertility he will be able to help me, not just tell me I suffer from "fat"....

I wish I didnt have to wait so long to meet with him, but hey its been 4 years already, whats another month???


WantsBaby2 - April 14

Sorry you have to wait so long. It seems that all us girls do is wait wait and wait some more. It is frustrating I know but try to hang in there. May 20 will be here before you know it. I am with the other girls in suggesting to get your thyroid checked out. I am so proud of you for following things up with more doctors appts. I know how hard it is for you. Take care and keep us informed.



Fortyfour - April 16

You go girl. May will be here before you know it.



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