All of those who think they're pg! And those who can help with syptoms!
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SamanthaS - April 25

:)Hey I just thought we should start a topic for those women who think they may be getting that BFP towards the end of April! I have been reading around the boards and it's so hard trying to keep up with who is expecting a BFP, who has gotten a BFP and so on. This would also give us a great chance to come to together and discuss our syptoms and have the women who know what to expect put their say in...

*My cycle began April 2nd, I began intercourse everyother-every two days on April 7th until April 17th. As you can see I had a d&c after my mc so I'm hoping that the whole more-fertile-after-a-d&c thing is true. I took an hpt today but no positive.. not even a slight line. I am feeling tired, gassy, and have tender boobs.. I am unsure of how long my cycle should last... I am testing again on May 1st if AF doesnt show up vefore then...

Hope to hear from everyone soon!!



oneandonlymel - April 26

Samantha- as you know I tested positive and on Friday I hope it is confirmed at the doctors, What made me test is I started to get gassy which I am never gassy, peeing a little more than normal and tired! My breast aren't really sore, a tingle here and there, and smells I seem to smell things that nobody else smells!


BabyBound - April 26

Hi Samantha and one and only:

I think I'm pg because I feel the same way I felt when I was pg in 2003...basically no cramps, no sore boobs, no back pains, and very tired. I've been taking my temp and it's been over 98.5 for the last 7 days, which I read if it over 98.0 it's a sign of pregnacy. And finally, for the past day or two, I have lost my appetite (HUGE change for me). I'm going to do a hpt tomorrow morning. I hope I'm right.


SamanthaS - April 26

onandonlymel... did you have any kind of fertility treatment or were you just trying on your own. Im asking this because Im not sure if syptoms and positives show up faster for women who get pg from treatments than women that can do it w/o. My last pregnancy I had no Idea I was pregnant until I decided to take a test 10days after my expected period.. and because my boobs were hurting reallllyyyy bad. So I have no idea if the pg hormone shows up early for me. My cycles have never been regular.. even on b/c and I had a problem with cysts on my ovaries. Now that I took that test yesterday (23days after the beginning of my cycle) and got a negative I dont think I'm pg.. (I knew I would be like this if I tested early) I guess the way I look at it is... if the syptoms I have (achy boobs,gassiness,tiredness) were signs of pregnancy then I should get a +.. Dont know just wanted to vent.. I just want to be pregnant so bad... Like everyone else here.. :(


ElizabethS - April 27

Hey Samantha. We did our first IVF in April, and got a BFP. (I still don't know what that stands for....but I think it means a + pregnancy test) :D

My symptoms are an increased sensitivity to odors, bloating, and today.....extreme tiredness.

Good luck to you. It sounds like you are showing all the signs. I am 15 days past conception.

Take care


oneandonlymel - April 27

Samantha- We did everything on our own, We had went to a fertility doctor last year after my first miscarriage and had all the testing done. We pretty much were told unexplained fertility, he was going to put my on clomid just to help, but because of my clotting problem he didn't want to risk it, so we did have one IUI and it failed so we went back to trying on our own, basically we have been trying since 2002 with 2 pregnancies and two miscarriages, this will be our third time and I hope third time is a charm. It seems my only problem is MTHFR and Factor II mutaion- This board is for us to vent and I understand wanting to be pregnant, not everyone will have a bfp early, some woman wont' have a positive till after their period is due so dont' lose hope yet! I will keep my fingers crossed!!!


shaz - April 28

Hey Samantha,

We have just found out we are pregnant from a FET (IVF). I have begun my symptoms very early.

Waking early in the morning feeling unwell.
Breast tenderness
I can smell everything

My five year old daughter was concieved through IVF 5 years ago and I didnt have a single symptom with her. I only really felt pregnant when I felt her move......

Good luck everyone..



SamanthaS - April 29

Thats so wonderful shaz! I hope everything goes well! I'm losing hope this month. With my last pg I was smelling everything, nauseated, and had verrrrrryyy tender breasts almost a week before AF was due. This month I only have tender breasts.. Of course I managed to catch a cold, and cant really smell (or breathe for that matter) Im hoping the truth is that every pregnancy is different! Once again good luck and keep in touch!



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