You’ve Been Prescribed Lupron with IVF Treatment. Now What?
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ivfprescriptions - September 15

IVF protocols often utilize Lupron (leuprolide acetate) for several different reasons. Understanding what those reason are, how the IVF medication works with other IVF drugs, and what do expect while taking this fertility medication can go a long way toward understanding the resulting effects.

Lupron in Conjunction with FSH IVF Stimulation Protocols.

Most RE doctors utilize Lupron in two basic ways. First, it can be used for long protocols (luteal Lupron), or for flare protocols (short term). The long protocol is the most often prescribed treatment, and the success rates seem to be higher with this protocol in use. In this process, the fertility medication Lupron is given seven days before the next period should start (referred to as the mid-luteal). Then the FSH drug is given on the second day of menstruation. The two IVF medications are given together. The next phase of IVF treatment using Lupron is to wean off the dosage as the FSH product is started.

The End Game with Lupron

If the fertility procedure goes as planned, then at least 3-4 follicles of 14-20mm will be produced. Ideally the more follicles, the more the success rates increase. There is a danger during this phase of IVF fertility treatment where the ovaries could become overstimulated. To prevent this from happening, during this treatment, a woman will be monitored through blood tests and ultrasounds. This stimulation process can take anywhere from a week to 10 days. The next step in the IVF process is a HCG shot that induces the eggs to mature fully, and is given when the estrogen levels and follicle measurements are at their peak. The eggs are retrieved within 34 hours after the HCG shot.

Lupron Experiences

Patient #1: A woman is concerned that she has been given Lupron for the wrong thing. She has been given Lupron for endometriosis, and she is trying to get pregnant. The others reassure her that it is to improve her uterine lining, as well as remove blockages that might be occurring due to the endometriosis.

Patient #2: A patient is taking Lupron injections and wonders if anyone has had side effects. Most report that the worst thing experienced was night sweats, and passing headaches.

Patient #3: A woman posts that she is just starting the IVF process and that Lupron is one of the fertility medications she’d been prescribed. Others chime in to give her support and to share their success stories, suggesting that Lupron was one of the ‘magic’ answers to their prayers.



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