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4everhopeful - December 20

Hi Dr Jacobs,

I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant with twins, from my 4th cycle of ICSI.

I have blood clotting issues and tested positive to ANA (low titre 1:80)
To combat this during my IVF tx I was on 20iu of clexane, 5mg of dexamethasone, 5mg of folic acid, 75 mg of aspirin, plus Vitamin B complex.

I was told by my RE to stop the clexane at 14 weeks and to gradually reduce the dose of steroid.

My Obstetrician is not really a believer in immune issues and thinks the steroids will do me and the babies more harm than good, and the only things he was happy for me to continue was the folic acid, low dose aspirin and B complex.

At 15 weeks I've now fully weaned myself off the steroids, but am feeling apprehensive about doing this still due to my immune problems.

I would just really appreciate your opinion on this and wondered what your protocol was for pregnancy and immune issues.

These babies are so precious to us and I would hate to think of something going wrong just because I stopped taking the medications.

Many thanks in advance for your advice and input,

Nat :)


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 20

The ANA testing done is not likely to predict potential for miscarriage. Treatment with steroids is not likely to prevent miscarriage related to an auto immune problem. If you do indeed have recurrent pregnancy loss related to an immune problem, the treatment of choice is Heparin, with or without aspirin.
Good luck.


4everhopeful - December 21

Thank you so much for your prompt reply Dr Jacobs :)

You've made me feel a lot better about coming off the steroids :) This is my first pregnancy and just hope they stay put for the next 4 months at least! I'm still taking the aspirin but will ask about heparin when I next see my obstetrician.

Many thanks,

Nat :)



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