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jolynn - May 7

hi doctor i have a question im 7 weeks and had 3 ultra sounds with no seen of nothin my doctor keeps telling me i might have a tubal heres what bothers me i started spotting 3 days ago witch he did a routine workup he says 2 stay calm and wait till monday 4 another hcg my last hcg done last week monday was 3,145 is that good or bad also what are my chances of careing this baby full term my due date is dec 26 any info would help me relax a bit im so scared thanks ps why cant they see any thing in a ultra sound is it 2 early 2 see something


Barry JACOBS, m. d. - May 7

If you are truely 7 weeks pregnant, and there is no gestational sac visible in the uterus on a well done ultrasound evaluation, you probably have a tubal pregnancy.
Good luck.


jolynn - May 7

thank u doctor for your reply ive been keeping watch of changes but maybe with the grace of god things can turn around


tiggerpounce418 - May 7


i'm praying for you & a healthy pregnancy. keep us posted. good luck.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 8

If you have an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. It is a LIFE THREATENING condition, and will require immediate treatment. You MUST see your physician for evaluation, monitoring, and appropriate treatment.
Good luck.


jolynn - May 9

dear doctor i understand i can have a tubal but how will i know i have had some spotting since last wen and went to my doctor on thur he did a full exam and says he wants 2 see mon where my numbers are but mean while i have had no cramping no pains or no shoulder pain or heavy bleeding besides a ultra sound witch i have had 3 they dont see nothing and every day and night im scared of death to have a tubal i feel like im a time bomb waiting to blow i just pray that i have a change and they find a sac and everything is gonna be fine i waited 12 years to hear those very words congrats im pregnant know since april 21 i have been a basket case worried if my hch numbers dont double what can i expect what will happen next thanks so much 4 this site and 4 the wonderul people and doctors who answer questions god bless everyone ps thank u tiggerpounce u 2 will be in my prayers


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 9

Your own physician will have to be the one evaluating you and managing your care. Since I do not have the capability of doing what your physician can do, I am only able to alert you as to a potential danger and advise you to continue with your physician.
Good luck.


tiggerpounce418 - May 10


Just wondered what your status is? Have you seen your doctor again?


jolynn - May 11

hi tiggerpounce i went to the doctor today and my hcg levels are crashing so im miscarring i go thur for a d and c and a hope im spelling this right laperscopey and hystercpy forgive my spelling my doctor is worried cuz im spotting but have no cramping but im not gonna give up he said i should wait 6 weeks and i can try again but me and hubby are gonna wait till sept and get through with summer and let me heal im so sad and angry but after 12 years of trying i was blessed 7 weeks and 2 days thanks so much for replying back to me and may u be blessed take care and talk 2 u soon :'(


tiggerpounce418 - May 11


I am SO sorry to hear your bad news. I was wondering what happened to you & how you were. I can't imagine how terrible you must feel. It sounds like a good idea to wait until Sept to try again. Take the summer to take care of yourself & a break from all the craziness (timed intercourse, meds, tests, etc) of ttc. And try to heal your broken heart. I wish you much sucess in Sept! Come here anytime to vent & know you are not alone, I believe several women on this board m/c this month also. :'(


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - December 29

In a normal pregnancy, the beta hCG level should at least double every 48 hours for the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. A pregnancy which will miscarry, or an ecyopic will not be able to sustain the appropriate rise. Also, especially in pregnancies resulting from the treatments I do, more than 1 embryo may implant. If 1 drops out, we will see a poor rise initially, and an adequate rise in a subsequent 48 hour interval.
Good luck.



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