Will removing tube decrease blood flow to ovary
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marie40 - May 15

Dr. Jacobs,
I'm not sure if you or Dr. Smith would like to answer my question so I will post to both of you:
Two years ago, I took a Clomid Challenge Test that gave me a large cyst in my ovary that needed to be removed surgically. Ovary saved. It was an endo cyst that spread to my tube so the tube was also removed. I also had fibroids removed. My left tube was functioning fine an no endo at surgery time. Now I find out that scar tissue and adhesions from the surgery have ruined the tube left. There is scar tissue at both ends of the tube and it is going into the uterus where it is attached to the tube. Also more fibroids are back. My current RE is saying it is best to take the tube because once he gets rid of the scar tissue where the tube connects to the uterus, if the tube stays, the scar tissue could come back and will be much more difficult to work on.

I agree with him. But the last time that we talked, he said that removing the tube will give me less blood flow to the ovary. When we met for preop, I brought up that i would like the tube clipped off and sealed that way to my blood flow to the ovary will not decrease. Now he is saying it wont decrease the blood flow that much. He said it will not affect the main artery going to the ovary.

Will removing the tube cause a decrease in blood flow to the ovary? Will it be significant?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 15

Certainly if your tubes(s) is filled with fluid, it needs to be treated, possibly removed. Yes, there is a potential to interfere with blood flow to an ovary. It sounds as though you need IVF, so, if your tubes are not filled with fluid, I might leave the alone.
Good luck.


marie40 - May 16

I'm sorry to ask you another question however, my surgery is this coming up Tuesday. He didnt explain to me the potential of having blood flow decrease--a lady did on another chat that had scar tissue around her tubes.
Is the potential reason because during surgery when removing scar tissue around the tube or when taking the tube because it is possible to accidently cut into the main artery that goes to the ovary? My tube is filled with scar tissue. And scar tissue is at both ends.

Any advice is appreciated.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 16

Actually, there is a network of blood vessels involving both the tube and the ovary. There is a potential to interfere with blood flow FROm the ovary. We have no good data to prove a problem, but I do have a concern.
Good luck.



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