Why is cramping w/o bleeding ok but not w/blood?
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Zippy - July 30

Hello! I had a big bleed two days ago (about one pad full) and I'm quite sure it's a miscarriage at 5w6days. My HcG levels on the day of the bleed were 9,162.

There was no more bleeding, even now, but every day around 4:00 pm and continuing to the late night I experience double-over cramping, but zero blood. (The cramping is not there in the morning, not until 4 pm oddly enough.) Is this just the uterus trying to expell the contents but it's not coming out? I've heard that cramping with no blood is okay, but not when there's blood... but this is tricky, since I did have a bleed (with clots) two days ago and since then have been cramping. Thoughts?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 31

Please see your RE or OB. It may be no problem, but it may be a miscarriage, or, even worse, a tubal pregnancy. Tubal pregnancy is LIFE THREATENING! Please call your physician TODAY!


Zippy - July 31

Thank you so much for your concern! Even my RE doesn't have this much concern! They don't even want to see me until Monday, and that's ONLY IF my HcG test of tomorrow comes up with questionably good numbers (which I'm sure it won't).

This is my LAST reply to beating this dead horse, and I thank you so much for indulging me.... my last question is, do you think that the reason I'm not "bleeding it all out" so to speak COULD be because I'm on 2cc of progesterone in oil shots daily and that's pretty much keeping it all inside me? (RE wants me to stay on support meds until I have a blood test tomorrow to see where my HcG levels went after Monday's bleed).

To recap, I had one padful bleed with cramps on Monday at 3:00 pm, then cramping every day starting at 4:00 pm to the night, ending at night, but since Monday, no blood. Just the cramps. (And they aren't horrible, just like strong period cramps.)

Again, thank you and this is my last post on this! So sorry! I just need information in case it happens again!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 31

Even if your pregnancy is not going to survive, progesterone can delay a flow and delay the spontaneous evacuation of your uterus.
Good luck.



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