What Is the IVF Drug, Fragmin Used for During IVF?
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ivfprescriptions - October 26

The IVF drug, Fragmin, whose active ingredient is Dalteparin, is a blood thinner helping to prevent clots from forming. Many infertility drugs which are administered in a fertility ‘cocktail’ include Fragmin if there has been a history of miscarriage. Often doctors will prescribe this medication after embryonic transfer to increase the odds of implantation.

Infertility Medications Used In IVF
Fragmin comes as an injectable IVF drug, in either single dose vials or multi-dose vials. Some online fertility drug companies sell them as prefilled syringes, for convenience. Fertility medications can be combined easily with Fragmin, but may be discontinued sooner than the other prescribed medications. Many women are prescribed Fragmin in lieu of Clexane if the patient encounters an allergic reaction to the drug. They both have similar properties.

Financial Impact of Fragmin Prescriptions and Discount Fertility Meds
Fragmin is not often covered by insurance plans, and therefore is costly. Finding a pharmacy specializing in fertility drugs is the patient’s best route with this drug, and other similar ‘low molecular weight heparins’, such as Lovenox. On the plus side, these fertility meds for sale only have to be administered once a day, unlike many other IVF drugs utilized.

Finding a Good Discount Fertility Pharmacy for Fragmin
Online fertility drugs must be purchased with some caution as fertility medication pharmacies are not all created equal. While there are many fertility drugs for women online, not all of them are being offered as name brand medications, nor is the company reputable, or certified by the Ministry of Health. When looking to purchase fertility medications, or medications related to IVF, research the potential company to make sure that the company ships the products refrigerated if necessary, and provides good customer service. Most should work with, or have on staff, someone in the medical field.

Fragmin Experiences
Patient #1: A woman writes that the Fragmin stings when she injects it and wonders if there’s anything to lessen the pain at the injection site. Others respond stating that she needs to ice down the area first, and then afterwards apply heat. Other suggest warming the infertility med vial up slightly against the skin before injecting.

Patient #2: An IVF patient asks others if being placed on Fragmin has worked out for them, what their success has been with the fertility medication. Many write that with Fragmin they had either one or two of their children with the use of Fragmin.

Patient #3: A frequent poster to the list asks others about side effects from the IVF drug, Fragmin. Most report that they like it better than Clexane as they did not have as many headaches or side effects.

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