What Causes Fluid In Fallopian Tubes?
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Keeley - March 19

I cant find a website that lists all the causes of this. I am trying to find out how this happend to me. The only things i can find are Chlamydia, endometriosis, IUD, and abdominal surgery.

Is there any other reason why this could occur?

When I started going to my RE i had to be tested for STD's (standard they do it to everyone) and no surprise I was clean.

Ive never had an IUD or abdominal surgery

As for endrometriosis I am not sure. They only did the physical exam to see if they could feel for any adhesions or bumps and they didnt.

I started my period when i was about 9-10yrs old. That is the only thing I know that could possibley define a sympton of that particular disease.

Is there any other causes of fluid building up on your tubes. Anything at all that would help me figure out what caused this????


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 19

you have listed the common causes for fluid in your fallopian tubes. It is possible that you did have a tubal infecton in the past, which was treated with antibiotics, even for some other reason. If the organism is gone now, it would not show up on the screen.


Keeley - March 20

If I would have had chlamydia wouldnt my husband have contracted it? We have been together since we were 16 yrs old (we are now 32) . Also he has very good sperm, high count and great motility. Wouldnt we kept passing it back and forth if i had been treated and he had not?

Also I read that fertility drugs can cause fluid on an open tube if there is already one with fluid on it. Could the chlomid I was taken months ago be the reason why I now have fluid on the right tube that use to be open?

I am just trying to make sense of all this?

Can fluid just build up and there not be a known cause?

Thank you so much for answering all my questions.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 20

bes. I was only speculating as to the possibility of Chlamydia. It is possible for a man to carry it and not have significant symptoms. Not knowing your complete medical history or examinig you, I cannot provide a meaningful answer. Your own physician has a better chance of giving you a reliable answer.



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