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Melody - January 15

Hi Doc. my husband and l have been trying to conceieve for the last 3 years wihtout success. in April 2007 we had IUI's done and the third one was successful, but after 11 weeks l lost it. after going through other IUIs my FE suggested IVF which we embraced, l was started on follistim AQ and Lupron and ended up with 7 follicles which only 2 were mature and fertilized but only one reached day 3 and was transfered. it was devastating because l thought this was the actual thing that was to bring my joy. We decided to back to IUIs but after 3 negative cycles we are back to square one. my FE told me IVF could be my solution because of my DOR and my partners low count. I just turned 38 and he is 39


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 16

Please note that pregnancy rates are loower and miscarriage rates higher at 38, as compared to 28. After the age of 40, pregnancy rates fall off the cliff. IVF, with some modification to the previous protocol may be apprpriate, but you may be better served by using an egg donor.
Good luck.


Melody - January 19

you are right am running out of time, but one thing l cannot understand is the science behind this folllicles, l have a tendancy of having a number of good size ones and thats why we thought IVF would be a solution to us. this has not been the case here and thats why am thinking of donor solution because am scared of having empty follicles at the end. l meet with my FE this week to discuss my fate, should l be worried about my body rejecting the donor egg? pls advise


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 19

Your body will not reject embryos from donor egg. For wahtever reason, any human embryo can grow in any woman's uterus. If you think about it, a pregnancy from your own eggs woiuld not have your genetic composition. Half of the genes would be from your husband, therefore, it would be a different individual.
Good luck.



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