Uterine Lining
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sara1221 - July 21

Dr Jacobs,

I had an IUI yesterday and my uterine lining was about 6.5 and I know it has to be at least 7. Can the uterine lining thicken after ovulation without medication? I have heard the egg takes a few days to travel to the uterus and can your lining still thicken? Thanks!


lenlance - July 22

I had first ultrasound and was measured at 6w4d and was able to see a heart beat. The doctor said he saw some blood in my uterus but i have had no bleeding. Doc said maybe lost another fetus. what are my chances with this one? am scared since i had a miscarriage last year at 6weeks.
please advice
thanks in advance


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 22

The uterine lining must be greater than 7 mm thick at the time of ovulation, or chances for successful pegnancy are poor.

Blood in the uterine cavity does not necessarily doom a pregnancy. There is no reason I know of to tell you to be alarmed.
Good luck.


TarNDT - July 23

Dr. Jacobs,
My 20 yr old daughter has had several problems growing up with her menstrual cycle and her doctors told her she did not ovulate and would never be able to get pregnant without help. That made a 20 yr old think she did not need birth control, she is pregnant. When she went to her doctor and confirmed the pregnancy they ran tests on her uterus, her doctor said she had three small holes in her uterus and that she would most likely never carry the baby past 12 weeks and that as her uterus grew the weak spots would stretch and get weaker. She is now 33 weeks pregnant, she moved to another state after her first trimester and her new doctor has not run tests on her to check the condition of the uterus. I am a mom and worried abou the possible complications during labor and delivery...do you think more testing needs to be done on her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...I am very worried. Thank you.....


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 23

I have no way of knowing what is going on with your daughter's uterus. If she has not had surgery on her uterus, I do not know how she could have holes in it. Her current OB wil have to make determinations about herlabor and eventual delivery.
Good luck.



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