Unexplained IF
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ttc#2carrie - September 28

Hi Dr. Jacobs, I know you dont believe in unexplained IF, I've seen 3 RE's and came up with nothing. Some slight MF, but I truly believe there is something else. I know you cant diagnose me, nor am I looking for that, but was wondering if you could suggest some tests that may help explain things..
A little history about me:
32years old. Got pregnant my 1st IVf and delivered a DS
TTC#2 (with different RE in different state) and have 2 failed IVF's
I have regular AF's -maybe a little short about 24-25 days (although my sister does have the same short cycles and she got pregant twice with NO problem). I dont have extremely heavy, painful cycles, I would say normal. I ovulate on my own. I am a poor responder to stims, produce roughly 6-7 eggs each time. With ICSI they all seem to fertilize.
Do think I should ask for a Lap? I dont have symptoms of endo, but could it be possible? I have never had a cyst and dont have PCOS. We have never had a post coital, would you recommend that test? My RE's office wont do the CCT (clomid challenge test)-should I find someone who will. Have had all normal hystersalpinograms and hydrosonograms. 3 years ago when we started our 1st IVF my FSH was 6. Recently after 5 back to back rounds of medicated IUI's and 1 failed IVF my FSH was 12.
I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks in advance for you professional opinion and your time.



ttc#2carrie - September 30

BUMP, not sure if this was viewed.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 30

I invite you to see the discussions I have provided on our web page, <www.texasfertility.com>, for explanations of how I evaluate an infertile couple. Please note, I have semen analyses performed at a specialty (andrology) lab, which very carefully uses Kruger's strict criteria for sperm morphology. Most labs do not identify male factor issues. I do not use the clomiphene challenge test. I check cycle day 3 FSH AND estradiol levels. I also use ultrasound to count the number of follicles on ovaries. Combined, these 2 tests are at least as sensitive as a clomiphene challenge.
Good luck.



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