TTC at 45
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TTCinNJin2005 - January 31

I am 45 and trying for the first time to become pregnant. I realize the stats are against me with age/egg quality, but all tests have come back that I'm in good health and I'm meeting my RE for the first time in 2 weeks.

What is the most preferred method of conception to those of us that time isn't on our side? Are there certain methods not worth trying or some to focus on that have a more positive/hopeful outcome?

Bottom line, I realize the chances of conception are low but I'm unwilling to think hopeless, at least without trying.

Any suggestions/guidance would be much appreciated.


FlowerBean - April 26

Where did this site find these "doctors"? Are they even doctors, or just shills for the donor egg industry? Their curt little replies are arrogant and annoying. And they're useless -- anyone can tell you that at 45 you'd have more success with a donor egg. If you're on an Internet site looking for support, you're looking for more insight than that, and you're not going to get it from these clowns.

Good doctors have better things to do than answer anonymous women's questions on Web sites.

I have two friends who got pregnant naturally, with their own eggs, one at 46 and one at 47.

Ladies, take heart and go elsewhere. Odds were made to be beaten.




Barry Jacobs, M. D. - April 26

Your general haealth has nothing to do with the number of eggs remaining in your ovaries, or the quality of the eggs you may still have. Even if by heroic efforts by an RE, you do become pregnant, your risk of miscarriage is over 50%, and your risk of having a live born with the wrong number of chromosomes is 1 in 16. Even if you were to do IVF, and havew embryos to transfer, your potential for embryos to even implant is only 6%. You ronly realistic chance for a healthy pregnancy is to use an egg donor.
Good luck.


FlowerBean - April 26

Oh -- he's a bot! There is no Dr. Jacobs! No matter what you say, he gives the same answer. That's funny.

Shame on you, whoever you are, for taking advantage of vulnerable women hoping to have a baby.


Lynne - April 26

Flowerbean... if you can't be nice don't bother to write on these boards..... These doc's on this site can only give general info. let's be realistic unless they have presonally seen you all they can do is give us greneral info. I have found that they are very knowledgable about infertility and they give women hope.... but they are also willing to give us the straight facts and not candy coat them. I would rather that than false hopes that waste my time beating the odds is ony for a lucky few.... go buy a lotto ticket.



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