Tese again or donor?
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urban - March 29

My husband a vasectomy 10 years ago. He had it reversed 1.5 years ago. His sperm test results are poor (don't have the numbers handy). He had a Tese in Nov. 2007 and sperm was collected/frozen. I began meds for ICSI in Feb 2009.

I am 36. 9 eggs were collected. 4 eggs were used. Frozen sperm was used. (We were prepared to do a fresh sample too; the clinic said the frozen was good). Two eggs were fertilized. Overnight 1 arrested. 1 (grade b) was transferred. (At the time of the transfer they said the egg was not dividing as much as they like to see at this stage).

The embryo was transferred on day 2 or 3 (the egg was collected on Thursday, transfer completed on Saturday). I was told on Friday, March 27 the transfer was negative. (Ugh!)

Seems like such a long shot with 1 grade b embryo. Should my transfer occurred? I have the feeling the clinic was just wanting there payment. Is this a fair thought or am I just being stupid/ unfair?

I am thinking we should have provided a fresh sample to improve our odds. Is this accurate?

I am awaiting my next appointment. I know the next question for my husband and I is...there any point in doing another round? Or should we resort to donor sperm right away.

I feel I am getting a little bit older (will soon be 37) and my chances are running out (as well as our money).

I guess I am confused (and terribly upset). I have read so many times, that TESE is almost always successful. Tonight I read a blog that said to someone with a similar situation her chances are 5-10 percent. My Doctor said 50% overall.

If we do another Tese, could the results be better? Are there any drugs my husband could take to improve his sperm issues?

With these circumstances, what would you recommend...trying it again using Tese and possibly a live sample or go for the donor?

What do you think of accupunture. I have read alot that people think it helps. Is it that is just helps blood circulation, relaxation or is it just mind over matter (positive thoughts)?

Thank-you for creating this blog.

It appears as though you answer the blogs quickly and you seem be fair, kind and honest. Thanks :)


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 29

There are too many issues here that require the detailied medical information and laboratory data. I can tell you that genes from the sperm do not play a role in embryo developement until the third day after fertilization of the egg. As fara as acupuncture, I have seen no scientific data in the professional literature that it will provide a benefit..
Good luck.



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