RH Negative.
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Tiffany F - May 11

Dr Jacobs,

I was trying to start a new topic but it won't allow me to! So I had to post this as if it were a poll.

My question is I have had several m/cs, I just started seeing a new RE 2 weeks ago, she sent me today to have more labs done. I told her my blood type was B but I was'nt sure if it's negative or positive, she said it is VERY IMPORTANT for her to no that. Could being RH Negative be the cause of m/cs? I have had every test done and there all negative. I have a family memeber who is RH Negative and she too has had 2 m/cs, she found out she was negative after the last m/c and was given the Rhogam shot? Thanks in advance!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 11

I have seen no data to indocate that being Rh negative increases your risk of miscarriage. If you are Rh negative, and the pregnancy is Rh positive, later in pregnancy, you might make antibodies to the baby's blood. That causes a specific syndrome, that can be treated.
Good luck.


Tiffany F - May 11

Hi Dr Jacobs,

Thanks so much for your prompt responses as always.
What I was wondering is what if a women is rh negative and her husband is rh positive, she has been have miscarriages for years not knowing their blood types could be an issue. And if she was never given the rhogam shot, could her body have several of the antibodies to kill off the baby's blood cells which would cause a m/c? Or what if she has become sensitized? Thanks in advance again Dr Jacobs!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 12

You can be tested for Rh antibodies, but I doubt that it will be an issue.
Good luck.


Tiffany F - May 12

Dr Jacobs,

Do you think after a women has had recurring m/cs and unexplained infertility she should check into using a surrogate? Is the actual procedure very expensive? I no we would have to find the surrogate and work that out. Thanks in advance Dr Jacobs


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 13

Please see the informationabout recurrent pregnancy loss on our webpage, <www.texasfertility.com>. There is a significant probability that the reson for your repeated losses can be determined and corrected. Also, please remember that age does play a role in your risk of miscarriage. As far as surrogacy,l we do not do that. We dowork with egg donors and gestational carriers, but referr patients to agencies. I do not know what the agecies charge. If the fee changes, I have given the wrong information. That information should come directly from the agency.
Good luck.


Tiffany F - May 13

It's me again Dr Jacobs,

I'm 35 but I have been dealing with m/cs for over 17 years. I have 2 children 18 and 11. I've had a HSG, my new RE wants me to have a LAP, exactly what are they looking for when the LAP procedure is done? And I found out I'm B+ with no RH antibodies. Thanks



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