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Kotena - February 17

Dr Jacobs,
It is so great to have this site. Thank you from all of us for your consultations and advice.
Could you please tell what it means. I had u/s done in January, where left ovary showed a complex cyst -measuring 2.6*2.2*1.9 cm. The cyst demonstrated 5mm echogenic mural nodule with no vascularity seen on color Doppler interrogation.
I had a follow up u/s in 6 weeks (last Friday): the cyst is still there and measures 2.2*2.1*1.7 cm. The mural module still persists and measures 4mm. Impression: "Although the cyst is mildly smaller the mural nodule persists". What that may mean? Should I have a follow up again and when? Is that bad?

Also my endometrial lining was 3 mm in "double wall thickness".. What "double wall thickness" means?

Tahnk you very very much for your time!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 17

The cyst could be any one of many possibilities. If it continues to regress, that is a good thing. If not, it will have to be removed. In any case, the vast majority of ovarian cysts in young women are benign. Your thin endometrium is just a reflection of low estrogen levels.
Good luck.


Kotena - February 17

Dr Jacobs,
If I consider stimulation, should the cyst be removed even if it slowly regresses or stay unchaged?
Should my ObGYN order blood work to confirm that the cyst is not a bad one?
Thank you very much for your responses and help!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 18

In women of reproductive age, 98% of ovarian cysts go away without any treatment. You do not need surgery unless they remain for more than 2 menstrual cycles. Please be a little patient.


Kotena - February 19

Dr Jacobs,
I have amenorhea and therefore no cycles. I am planning on stimulation. The cyst seem to diminish very slowly (about 2 mm in 7 weeks). I am planning to start stimulation in 20 days. My ob Gyn says I need to take the cyst away, while doctor in u/s said not to worry aboutit even for stimulation. I would really appreciate your opinion, whether I should wait until it disappears which may be very long, or remove it, or just go ahead with stimulation?

If tere is no vascularity seen around the cyst, what it means?
Thank you


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 19

Without personally you and your records I cannot provide valid advice. The one bit of advice I can give you is to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist for your evaluation and treatment.
Good luck.



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