Recurrent Miscarriage and High FSH
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ampm - November 14

Hello Dr.,

I would appreciate advice for next steps based on my past history of recurrent miscarriage and high FSH.

I had m/c 7/2001 @ 5.5 weeks, m/c 11/2001 @ 9 weeks, Successful pregnancy and live birth 05/2003, 6/2004 Tubal Pregnancy @ 6 weeks, Left tube had to be removed, m/c 9/2004 @ 9 weeks
Genetic/Antibody/Other Testing complete - no known cause of recurrent m/c
Was told when TTC to take 81 mg aspirin therapy daily, prometrium after ovulation and heparin shots twice daily upon PG, however, I have not been pregnant since 2004. Had an HSG Dec '05 Right tube (remaining tube) clear , all seemed fine there. Blood work done on CD3 showed FSH 12.8 which my doctor said was fine, but I have read shows little hope of pregnancy without IVF or other fertility efforts besides "naturally" trying. We tried two rounds of Clomid in 2006 in which no ovulation was recorded. From that point, we have chosen not to "actively" pursue pregnancy and enjoy our current child. We have not prevented pregnancy and are unsure if we should take any serious precautions as chances seem slim. We are approaching 40 and would welcome a child but my husband and I are not interested in serious medical intervention (IUIs and IVF). Any recommendations for achieving pregnancy with such a limited medical arsenol? Thank you so much.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 14

If you have tubal damage, you are at risk for another tubal pregnancy. Your FSH is a bit high, implying you are runnig out of eggs. Also, at the age of 40, your potential for a successful pregnancy is poor, because there is a significant probability that your remainig eggs have the wrong number of chromosomes. You are probably best served by using an egg donor.
Good luck.


ampm - November 14

Thank you Dr. Jacobs. It does seem many of our friends who continue to have children experience health issues such as Downs, Cystic Fibrosis, deafness and other issues. Lovely age of 37+ that has our eggs causing issue for these beautiful children. We are probably best served enjoying our wonderful daughter. Thanks again!



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