recurrent m/c's, dont know why, have had tests for APS, what next?
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smart - February 22

Over past two years we have ahd 7m/c's all 5-6weeks except one just before 9weeks. I am now on baby asprin and plaquinel but again it has'nt worked, the pregnancy test was positive then the next day the period began, i have all the pregnancy symptoms each time! I was dx with rheumatoid arthritis last year (that's why im on Plaquinel) I have been tested for APS and Lupus which came back negative. I have read some of the other posts to which you have responded to, i am considering looking into IVF host surrogacy and see that you say positive things about the Bourne Clinic in Cambridge (UK), this is not to far from where i live.
What else should my consultant be looking for? Would progesterone help embryo to implant? I am so disappointed as i really thought this time it was going to be ok.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 22

Pleasew sere the information about recurrent pregnancy loss that I have provided on our web site, <>. I think it will answer all your questions. I do not know the law in Britain, but in some countries the use of a gestational carriers is not legal..
Good luck.


smart - February 23

Many thanks for your reply Dr Jacobs,
i have read through the info on suggested website.
I have had one cycle of clomid two years ago to kick start the ovulation process which it did as i do get pregnant.

I am wondering though what tests would you recommend i ask my consulatnt to do to try to find out why i can not maintain the pregancy?
Many thanks again.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 23

Actually, there is a list of tests I perform, and a decision tree for the evaluation of recurrent pregnancy loss on the web site <>. The information you request is there.
Good luck.


smart - February 24

Many manyy thanks again for relying.
I have accessed your web site but i just cant not find the info with regards to recurrent m/c or the decision tree! Im not sure as to why i can not find it!
Sorry for troubling you again!
Thank you


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 24

If you go to <>, there is a heading "Types of thereapy". Under that heading, there is another heading, "recurrent pregnancy loss". Also, there is a separate primary heading of "recurrent pregnancy loss", which is the decision tree. If you do not already have Java installed on your computer, you will need it to read all the information. Go to <> for a free download.
Good luck.


smart - February 24

Dear Dr Jacobs,
thank you so much for replying again! Your web site is extremely helpful, i can now write to my consultant with various questions asking him to test/check for various things. I think the majority of the tests mentioned have been caried out but i will ask if progesterone might help aswell as whether in the UK we can try the IVF and Blastocyst Transfer. As i am an NHS patient i dont think the latter option will be viable unless i pay as a private patient!
Anyway many thanks again, your site is the best fertility site i have found to date and am so pleased you share your whealth of knowledge to help others.
Thank you.
Kind regards



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