Recent study by Yale on adenomyosis
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brenda - January 31

We did the pelvic MRI at Yale and they indicated to me that they had completed a research study recently on woman who had adenomyosis and outcomes on ivf. their recent study which won an award, and not sure which competition it was submitted, stated that for ivf outcomes were reduced by 18% with woman who had adenomyosis.
You have not reviewed and I understand bc there might be issues you have with the way the research project was conducted. So I know that you can not state any opinion until you would review their research.

I value your opinion and thoughts, and with our embryos being so questionable, we hesitate to continue with a surrogate, with those additional costs and recommendation of a surrogate

How do you make the diagnosis of adenomyosis?

I do think the scar tissue is from the hysteroscopic resection of the fibroids, bc per Yale it appears a blood vessel was knicked in the surgery and that caused the scar tissue.

I have been at this for 6 years and have never had scar tissue on the inside of the uterus and had 2 prior surgeries to the hysteroscopic resection(1abdominal surgery--myomectomy by very good doctor, RE, and another was laparoscopy by the same RE, who is very good) in my opinion.

I guess I will push for yet a 3rd opinion on trying to figure out where to go???
and move our homeless orphan embryos.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - January 31

I may have missed the study you are citing but I have not seen it in a refereed journal. It sounds like it may have been presented at a meeting, somewhere. Not all of those studies get published. At this time, I cannot comment. With newer technoogy, there may be some imaging studies which can provide an acurate diagnosis. A tissue dignosis is probably the only acurate technique.
Good luck.



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