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Red7 - February 4

Hi Dr Jacobs , I read that in India a woman 70yrs old had IVF treatments and got pregnant with twins. The ABC news said she is now the oldest woman who has ever given birth.She did IVF and I am sure it had to be Donor eggs. Here is my question.Since she was 70 yrs old,and past Menopause.Was she supplemented for her (ENTIRE) pregnancy with Hormones? Estrace pills and Progesterone oil shots to keep the baby growing? Since her ovaries were shrunken up because of Menopause, Did they use large amounts of hormones the keep the pregnancy going ? Because even if she reached 3 months and they say that the placenta takes over to support a pregnancy in a woman at 3 months. How would this work for her since her ovaries were shrunken up from Menopause? So wouldn't she have to be supplemented her(ENTIRE)pregnancy to keep it going?.You can Look it up on the web if you have not seen it on the news yet. just punch in woman 70yrs old gives birth to twins in India.Thank you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 4

Actually, the placenta starts making all the hormones a pregancy needs at about 8 to 10 weeks. You are correct in that she had donor eggs. Personally, I feel sorry for the children who will not have parents at high school graduation.


Red7 - February 4

Hi Jacobs where does the Placenta get the hormones from to support her pregnancy at her age, She was 70 yrs old? You said the placenta makes the hormones? Even if the ovaries are shrunken up? Does the Placenta make her ovaries start working again to make Hormones?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 5

The placenta makes all the hormones from blood components. As an example, estrogens, progesterone and androgens are all steroid hormones made from cholesterol. Once a pregnancy is greater than 10 weeks along, it does not need ovaries. The placenta can make all the hormones the pregnancy needs.


Red7 - February 5

Hi thank you for explaining it to me in detail.



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