Question about scheduling to meet with your RE about IVF?
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Keeley - March 22

My question is when is the best time to schedule and appointment to meet with your RE to discuss the IVF procedure?

Should you wait until you get the full amount and then schedule?

Or would be meeting with him to discuss the procedure without having the money be a waste of his time?

I dont know when I should schedule to meet with my RE because my husband says we should wait till we get the full 10,400 and that the $250 office fee could be put towards the IVF.

Any advice?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 23

I can only tell you how I do things. By the time I have a serious discussion about IVF, I have evaluated the couple for a number of issues to determine the potential for IVF success, and, in some cases, do they actually need IVF. I explain my best estimate as to cost, and if they are ready to proceed, our detailed discussion takes about 45 minutes. I prefer to reserve that discussion for the time they are ready to start.


Tiffany F - March 23

Hi Keeley,

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have a wonderful and a blessed day :)



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