Question about IVF?
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Keeley - March 13

Today I went to my fertility specialist and he said that I would be a good candidate for IVF. After undergoing 2 HSG's my last showed blockage in both tubes. He said that l was not a good candidate for laproscopy. My question is, I am 32 years old (and have had excellent responses to Chlomid and produce great follicles) my husband is 32 and has an excellent sperm count/motility.
With the information I have provided, can you please give me information statistically what are the successful IVF rates resulting in pregnancy???????


destinybaby - March 13

Hi Keeley,

I am sorry to hear about your situation, but all is not lost :D. both my tubes are blocked as well and I was told by my RE that I am not a good candidate for Lap either, but I am a great candidate for IVF. I am actually going to have my tubes removed to increase my chances. :D this April and IVF 2 months later. I am excited. The success rate with blocked tubes are very low but would be better if the tubes are removed partially or fully. Make sure you are dealing with a facility that has a high success rate in specifically dealing with removal or fixing of the tubes, and IVF.

My point is there is hope for us ladies with firtility issue of the tubes. :D Also it depends on the facility success rate as well. If your only issue is the tubes like me, then you should not have a problem getting pregnant once that's taken care of.

It has been very emotional for me, but I have found a lot of support on this forum and so will you.

I am just happy that there is a chance for me to get pregnant :D



B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 13

Please see the information I have provided on our web page <> regarding both Clomid and male factor issues. Also, if your tubes a re filled with fluid, because they are blocked, the fluid will impair embryo implantation if you do IVF. There are a couple of very reasonable approaches to deal with the fluid.
Good luck.


Keeley - March 13

Thank you for your imput. My RE and the facility is listed with a very high success rate in IVF. Is there any other way of getting rid of the fluid without having your tubes partially or fully removed??? I am weary of having that done at age 32.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 14

The most reliable thing to do would involve surgery. There are a couple of techniques, but they all are operative.


Keeley - March 14

Thank you so much for all your help. When it comes to surgery I dont have a problem with that, its removing my tubes all together. Can they get the fluid off the tube without removing the tubes?? Can you acheive a successful pregnancy with your tubes in tact by draining the fluid???


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 16

There are a number of approaches. I open the tubes widely to drain them and try to keep them open. If I do that, alone, I would increase the risl of tubal pregnancy, so I block the tubes near the uterus, like a tubal ligation.



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