Prometrium suppositories or Progesterone shots?
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ttc#2carrie - August 28

Dr. Jacobs, I have had a terrible reaction to the PIO injections both IVF cycles. Was wondering what you would do with a patient that has an allergic reaction (not life threatening) to the shots? Would you recommend trying the pio for a few days until the reaction begins (which is tolerable) and then move to prometrium? Or would you recommend just starting with Prometrium OR would you recommend if I could tolerate the shots at all then stick with those because thats where the efficacy is?

Thanks so much


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 29

Your reaction may be to the oil vehicle for the progesterone. It is common to use peanut oil, but some people are alergic to that. I have the pharmacy dispense progesterone in sesame oil. I have not seen a major reaction to that. Progesterone in oil is still the "gold standard", and I am too much of a coward to abandon it.
Good luck.


Aimee37 - August 29

I too had a bad reaction to the sesame oil. My butt developed a red rash. I mean talk about itchin' my butt all day long!! ;D Even a month after stopping the shots!

Now if I was allergic to the oil would this have cause my biochemical? Probably not. I just want to rule this out. I am going to ask my nurse to give me progesterone suppositories along with the PIO shots. Would prescribing both be ok and not harmful? I mean better safe than sorry right? Double dosing on progesterone is ok right? My clinic does not do blood work on yuor pregesterone levels during the 2WW.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 29

Using both an intramuscular and vaginal preparation is not a problem. No, the reaction to the sesame oil did nt cause the biochamical pregnancy.
Good luck.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 7

Progesterone is the same hormone the ovary makes after ovulation and the placenta makes. They are chemically identical compounds, and the source is not relevant.



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