Presentation at a meeting vs published article
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brenda blankenship - February 2

Dear Dr. Jacobs
Thank you for your response and reply to a prior question regarding andenoymosis.

Your response indicated on adenoymosis, it depends on whether this research by Yale on adenomyosis was presented at a meeting or published in a peer journal in the field.

Please share with me, the comparison/contrast of the process(meeting presentation/published journal article).

Also thank you for your recommendation of seeking a second opinion on this diagnosis. My husband and I have spent in excess of 80,000 on these embryos and it is a huge financial, emotion and time involved to seek out if we want to do a surrogate.

we live in VA, and surrogacy is not as easy step/process to embark on that journey.
We tend to be very conservative here in Richmond. A donor egg program was just started here a year ago, and there are 5 RE's here. Richmond is super conservative city.

Again I want to thank you so much for your wisdom and dedication to this site.

Richmond, VA.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - February 3

Unless a presentation at a meeting is an invited plenary address, which is either an in depth review, by a recognizes expert in the field, a presentation is a 10 minute notification of a current research project. Papers for presentation are accepted, based on an abstract of the information to be presented. No detail is evaluated. A paper published in a referreed journal has been carefully evaluated by at least 2 reviewers. When I was a reviewwer for one of the jurnals, I rejected the majority of the manuscripts I was given to review. The study design was inadequate, or there were other major problems. In each case, the other reviewer also rejected the manuscript for publication. The ones I did recommend for publication did require some modification. Research presentations at meeting endure very little scrutiny, before the actual presentation. Papers published in referreed journals should undergo intense scrutiny before publication.



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