premature ovulation
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Dilevin - July 9

Dear Dr Jacobs! I am writing to you because I read some of your advice to a patient on this forum written a few years ago. I am 31 years old and about a year and a half ago my period started decreasing drastically. I used to have a normal menstrual flow for 5 days and now I bleed very light for 2 days. I have done ultrasounds that show I have a very thin uterine lining, about 2 mm. I seem to ovulate very early from day 7-9. I seem to have a premature LH-surge and am not sure if I am releasing an egg or not. Even if I do they are probably immature and my endometrium is far to thin for an implantation to occur. I have also had problems with ovarian cysts and have quite high progesterone levels during my luteal phase, last time I checked my level were 32. This makes me believe that I have unreleased follicles that turn into cysts that secrete progesterone just like you described on the forum. My premature LH-surge also prevents my uterine lining from growing properly. There has been a two or three times during the past year and a half where I have ovulated on day 12 or 13, and my period have improved drastically every time. But then the premature LH-surge occurs again next cycle. I really need your help and insight on what could be helpful in this situation. I have tried clomid but it did not help, maybe because of its anti-estrogenous effects. I think I might need another type of an ovulation indicator to help lengthen my follicular phase and help my follicles mature. I also might need some vaginal estrogen to help build up my uterine lining. What is your opinion? I turn to you because I live in Guatemala and my gynecologist doesn’t really seem to understand the problem, she seems to think that my high progesterone levels indicate a strong ovulation. She also gave me progesterone pills to help thicken my uterine lining, which did not help at all!!

I really appreciate your advice!



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