pregnacy symptoms with ivf and pms symptoms
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katherine1973 - January 3

i just had my 3rd ivf cycle, transfered 4 embryos on 12/21 and i am on day 16. i am a low responder, low egg producer, i am 34 yrs old, i am seeing my 2nd specialist. i am confused about pg symptoms and pms symptoms. i am on 1cc projestrone injection, metformin 3x day 500mg, 2mg esteace 2xday. soon after transfer i was mpore tired than normal esp. in mid day--early evening, no spotting, my husband has commented on a few occassions that i have a different overall smell to me, i have noticed that some foods i normally like that when i try to eat it i dont want it and it makes me nauseated, i am experiencing more cramping, lower bk pain, more urination, these past few days than i did immediately following the transfer. i took an at home test and i guess it worked, not sure since the line was so faint i could barely see it until i held it up to the light. it said negative. i called my nurse and told her and she said for me to still do my day 18 blood test to see hcg nummber and that the test i took i did it to soon and it may be correct and it is a chance it may be a false negative. i dont have what some women say the feeling of just knowing that i am...i feel the complete opposite i feel that the blood test is a waste of time and that i am not pregnat. do u think i could be wrong and that i may be pregnant...or are my symptoms trully those of pms
thanks for your time and input... i am very anxious about it all and very down and moody.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 3

WE cannot really dertermine anything from symptoms. Some of them may be caused by tje progesterone you are taking.
Good luck.


katherine1973 - January 3

thanks for the reply i know u cant say one way or another but i guess in a nutshell what i am asking is this

could the at home test have been wrong (it said negative) the line was foaint and only way i could see it was to hold it up to the light---and i took it sooner than u should and when the doctor said not to take the at home test---so is there still hope?

also, what are the difference b/w preg symptoms and pms symptoms---could what i described be either or or just pms?

also this is my 3rd ivf and the best so far, i produce a low quant. of eggs the most being 12 and out of those only 4 made it for a transfer and they were 6 and 8 cells--should i go thru another ivf cycle or go for the donor egg avenue

thanks for any input that anyone has to offer---i am very depressed about this last round of ivf, we were so hopeful.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 4

If you used the home pregnancy test too early, the level of hCG may have not been high enough to detect. Since symptoms ar e what you perceive, it is difficult to determine how to interpret what you perceive, when the symptoms for each condition can be similar. I do not rely on symptoms of pregnancy. I rely on a blood test. As far as another IVF cycle, that is something you need to decide. I do not know if a different stimulation protocol or lab will improve outcome.
Good luck.



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