preg test?
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rba - December 15

Dr. Jacobs,
My retrieval was on Thu 2 weeks ago (Dec. 1). I had a 3rd day transfer of 2 embryos. My blood test is scheduled for Mon (Dec. 19th). I am on 1mil of Prog (IM shots) per day. I was wondering if the progesteron will delay my period if I am not pregnant?
Also, do you think an HPT could be reliable before my Monday blood test?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - December 15

Progesterone supplementation can definitely delay your period, even if you are not pregnant. Most home pregnancy test will be posivie, if you are pregnany, at 2 weeks after ovulation or egg retrieval, preceding embryo transfer. The reason for the blood test is to determine concentration of the hormone, hCG. The concentration should at least double in 48 hours, if you have a healthy prenancy.
Good luck.


monicab - April 24

Dr. Jacob,

I am confused, I thought that you said on a previous posts that the blood test will show a pregnancy faster then the at-home urine test since HCG is detected first
by the blood work. I transferred 3, day-6 blast. on Apr 12 th... today is the 24th. Shouldn't I have gotten a positive urine test by now? If I was preg?(I actually took it on the night of the 23rd)

My blood test is tomorrow. Is it possible that I could be preg on the 25th when the at home test is negative on the 23rd?

Thanks for your help. I hope you get to answer questions today !!!


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - April 25

The urine pregnancy tests, you can do at home are very sensitive, but they only tell you if hCG is present. They do not tell you the level in the blood. Either the urine or blood pregnancy test should be positive 2 weeks after egg retrieval, if you are pregnant.
Good luck.


monicab - April 27

Dr. Jacobs,

So, the test should be positive 2 weeks after th RETREIVAL, not transfer? So, if I have 5-day blast transfered, I would show positive HCG 9 days later?

Thanks for the extra clarification. My test was negative this last time.



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