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wannababy78 - February 25

Dr.Jacobs, I have posted here before but briefly my story, trying for almost 4 and 1/2 years. Moved to RE in 2005-2006. So far the reason is Unexplained. Had 4 IUI's scheduled out of 2 got cancelled one being Over stimulated and another Ovulated earlier. Got pregnant naturally with natural cycle to miscarry before second beta. Moved to IVF. Retrived 24 eggs out of 17 fertilized thru ICSI(Re suggested ICSI b/c of Kruger Test shows DH was in borderline). 11 made to blast. I cycle - BFN. 1 FET -BFP with good beta(225) but then didn't rise as much as we want. Miscarried. 2nd FET - BFN. 3rd FET-BFP- again good beta(250 on 10dp6Dt) and 4 days later it was 1832. Couple of days later I started spotting and after going thru painful 4-5 days miscarried. They did see a sac that was 10MM but when i had my u/s it was close to cervix and RE said it was going to come out. Then i collected the tissue and sent to lab but it was not the tissu but something else. So RE thinks it is definetely choromosome probelms. So right now we have 3 embies and don't know whether to use them or just go for a fresh cycle with PGD.

RE is not sure and he said it is upto us. I'm in confusion whether to use the 3 embies or go for a PGD. What do you think?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 25

Only aboout 1/3 of the eggs a woman makes are capable of a siccessful pregnancy. Too many eggs have either an abnormal chromosome structure or a genetic issue. Depending on the stage your embryos are frozen, it may be possible to perform a limited chromosome analysis. That has hystoricly been done on day 3 embryos. There is a new technology which should be availble soon, in which the blastocyst can be biopsied and a greater number of chromosomes tested. It does require freezing the blastocyst after biopsy. The bottom line is that I do not know how much good testing your frozen embryos will provide.

From you note, it sounds as though you have had 2 losses. Typically, we perfom an evaluation of the couple after 3 miscariages. For more information about evaluation of the couple experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss, I invite you to see our web page,



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