pg test .84 mlU/ml
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Leah - May 27

Dear Dr Jacob,
I am one of your oldest visitor here if you can still remember. I don't think so.
But lately, I been visiting your web sites for 2 weeks now since I started my protocol again and it's been very very informative for me and especially infos I'm getting from support group. I had all kinds of test, and all are normal, my uterus, ovary, tubes. My DH had vasectomy that cannot be reversed. Never been pregnant. Age: 32
My stimulation protocol - Merional + Orgalutran
Eggs aspirated- 11, mature 9
Fertilized thru ICSI: 9
We do also pre implantation-genetic test(genetic analysis 1st, 2nd polar bodies & blastomere for 13, 16, 18, 21, 22, x, y, chromosomes was done) and they found 4 healthy embryos. (to iliminate all possibility of negative result bec of ICSI)
3 of them has good quality (grade 1)= 2 boys & 1 girl
2 blastocyst were transfered.
Medicine recommendation:
Primolut depot 250 mg im q 3rd day
Cyclogest 400 mg supp. per vaginum 2 x a day.
date of transfer: 16/05
Pregnancy test: 27/05

Today i have my result: .84 mlU/ml, negative
Is there any way this number will go up?
I did everything, i stop working, i don't drive, i just watched tv most of the day, go out a little bit of walk in the garden. As advised you have to take everything slow and easy. I cannot phantom why it turned out to be negative. Do you think I just missed something?

The clinic I went have very good reputation and I believe in them.
My concern, the clinic is far from our house is about 1 and half hour ride. (the stress & bumps) In your experience, is the long distance traveling will affect the probability of becoming pregnant?
I have a cat fully vaccinated but goes in & out of the house, they said I have to stay away from cat but my RE says its ok to be around but don't touch. Sometimes I pat him & give him food but i wash my hand right away. I just cannot just throw away my cat.

Do you have any advise? do I have to pray harder?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 27

I am glad my web site has been helpful to you. I tried to provide as much information as I could for people in your position.
I am sorry, but the hCG report is a negative. I cannot provide meaningful information for you, other than it is highly unlikely that you did anything wrong.
teh only issue with cats is the litter. If your cat has been exposed to Toxoplasmosis, he/she will pass the spores in feces. Your exposure to the spores can be devastating to a pregnancy. Please discuss your IVF cycle with your RE, and find out if, and what he/she might do defferently in any possible future attempt.
Good luck.



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