Ovarian Reserve markers?
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Priddy Mama - May 12

Hi I am a 29 year old with PCOS. I have 2 children but suffered 5 years of infertility before #1 and then it took 2 months of TTC to get #2. Now that I want my 3rd and final, I am having a rough time of it. I have been TTC for a year already. I have been tracking ovulation with OPK's and can't get a + to save my life.

I am just now starting to see my RE again and I had my labs done and will see him this week but wanted to see if I could get your opinion on my labs.

Day 3

E2-98 r>DHEA-S-100

for a 29 year old with PCOS how bad is it? Do I have bad ovaries? Am I not ovulating well? Why can't I ovulate? Am I running out of eggs already? And I don't respond to clomid so is the next step HMG shots?
Thanks for any advice you can give. It is much appreciated. -Terra


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 12

Your lab values appear to be OK. There are other reasons for not ovulating than poor ovarian reserve. You may have polycystic ovaries. Your RE will investigate for you.
Good luck.


Priddy Mama - May 12

Thank you for such a fast reply. I am glad my labs looked OK.
I do have PCOS but haven't had multiple cyst since May of 2004. I used Prometrium for 2 months straight (CD7-28 like BC pills) Then on month 3 I used only in luteal phase and that month I saw my RE my US was normal.
In fact I was ovulating and O got PG with my DD. I have been supplementing my luteal phase off and on most cycles to keep the PCOS in check. And so far have had no cyst since then.

Even through all this last year TTC all US have been clear of cyst, just showing left over follies my NP said in Jan. though.

(It could be that my hormones got messed up from getting bad cream and using it from Aug.-Oct.) I have had painful cycles since Oct and just recently started using Prometrium again and last cycle was painfree.

Thanks for your reply I will keep you updated as to how my treatment consist of. Thanks -Terra



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