New Study Reveals Degrees of Infertility
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ivfprescriptions - July 6

A recent study was released in June which states that one in ten men, and one in eight women experience fertility issues, but only 50% of them seek additional help. The study, published in the Journal of Human Reproduction, states that of the nearly 15,000 women and men surveyed, most of those who were experiencing infertility did not seek any other help, or try to correct the issue. Additionally, the study suggests that many of the factors leading toward the medical intervention had to do with economic status, level of education, and marital stability.

Delaying Parenthood is Causing Infertility
The study also validated many other studies which had stated that a large percentage of the couples experiencing infertility were in their mid to late thirties, and had postponed starting their family until careers were firmly established. However, what also became clear to the researchers was that here was yet another delineation between those who were affluent and those who were not. Those who had money, quite plainly, perceived the problem as being something that they could afford to overcome, while those who had lower paying jobs did not pursue it.

Affordable IVF Medications are Available
This is clearly a hidden form of inequity in access to affordable healthcare that is prevalent, globally. Access to IVF medications, alone, can cause many women and couples, who would attempt IVF treatments, to opt to wait it out, or to seek alternative routes to parenthood. Researchers state that most women who considered themselves in a lower tax bracket didn’t think they could afford the IVF treatments, infertility drugs, or the IVF meds that it would take to have a successful pregnancy. But with the prevalence of many reputable IVF medication companies, many of whom exist on the internet (lowering the overhead and the overall cost of the drugs) there is no reason, in this day and age, for a couple who want to try and overcome their infertility problems to have finances be the only limiting factor.

IVF Medications Experiences
Patient 1: A woman asks those in the forum how much IVF drugs were costing them in the US, and others responded back that it was just like shopping for a car, in some respects. There are always deals to be made, and as long as the company is reputable, most of them offer significant discounts.
Patient 2: A patient wants to know if there’s a website where women sell their leftover IVF medications. Several guests respond that this is not only illegal, but dangerous. Several mention that there are very good IVF online pharmacies that offer significant discounts on fertility meds.
Patient 3: A woman just received the cost for her first round of IVF and she asks if anyone knows of a place where she can get a better deal on the infertility medications, at least. One woman responded by saying that she never knew that there could be such a wide range in costs between IVF medication companies. She definitely suggests shopping around and checking into whether insurances will cover the IVF meds from different places.

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