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destinybaby - February 28

Hi Dr. Jacobs,

Thank you for the advice you gave me in the past.

I have doing some research on IVF with hydrosalpinx tubes and it does not look good. It is said because of the medication of the IVF procedure it can cause more fluid to my tubes.

Anyway, my RE wants to inject a needle into my tubes to remove the fluid on the day of ER. you mentioned that if i got pregnant the fluid would not return.

my issue is I have not seen this procedure mentioned anywhere. :-\

Have you hear of this procedure being used to treat hydrosalpinx in IVF.

Have you used this procedure yourself? and

Is it true that the medications during IVF can cause more damage if hydroslapinx tubes are present?

Please my insurance does not cover IVF and I want to go with the most successful procedure to get pregnant. If I am going to spend that money out of pocket.

Thank you so much and sorry for the many questions? :-[



B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 28

It is not that the fluid does not return with pregnancy. I do not expect it to be a problem for an established pregnancy. Yes, the medications used to stimulate ovaries for IVF may stimulate more fluid accumulation. I have not used a needle to drain the tubes, or read outcome reports of that procedure. I do drain the tubes using a laparoscope, prior to IVF stimulation. I open the tubes widely, in an effort to prevent reaccumulation of fluid. Then, I obstruct the tubes near the uterus to minimize the risk of a tubal pregnancy. Obstructing the tubes, alone, may actuallly be adequate.


destinybaby - March 1

Hi Dr Jacobs,

Thanks for the reply. I did some research and I found that the procedure what my RE wants to do is called needle aspiration.

The way that you release the fluid seems more realistic. I will speak to my RE about using your approach. What exactly do you mean by obstructing the tubes? sorry if that is a silly question.

What procedure do you think I should go with? Don't forget I have hydrosalpinx in both left and right both not that big.

You are truly a blessing to me and I am sure the other ladies.

Thanks :)



B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 2

There is damage to the linig of your tubes. If they were open, you would be at increasd risk for tubal pregnancy. To bstruct the tubes, I use bipolar cautery near the uterus, the same way an OB would do a tubal ligation.


destinybaby - March 2

Hi Dr. Jacobs,

Thank you for taking the time to explain. I will let you know which direction we decide to go with.

Have a great weekend. :D




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