natural vs. medicated FET
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lyly14 - May 14

Dr. Jacobs- I know that an FET can be done on a natural cycle or they can control your cycle with medication. Can you please tell me the advantages/disadvantages of a nutral FET vs. a medicated FET, other than being able to time the transfer more easily with the medications. Thanks!



B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 14

I perform frozen embryo transfer in medicated cycles. It is far more predictable. We do not have to wait to find out if the patient ovulates this cyccle, or when.
Good luck.


lyly14 - May 14

Thank you for your opinion Dr. Jacobs. I just have one more question. If your patient ovulates regulary on her own with an LH surge consistently on day 16 but has male factor infertility would you be less leary of a natural cycle?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 15

There is really nothing wrong with natural cycle in patients who do ovulate regularly. The problem comes in that stress can interfere with ovulation. Have you not experienced stress in the process?


lyly14 - May 15

Of course I have. Good point! Thanks Dr. Jacobs.


lyly14 - June 22

Hi Dr. Jacobs- I have a question that I hope you can shed some light on. Here is some background info:

I had a natural cycle cryo transfer on June 12th of 3 day 3 embryos with assisted hatching. The only meds I was on was medrol, doxycycline, baby asprin and lovenox around the time of transfer and progesterone gel capsules 200mg 4 times daily after the transfer. The progesterone gel caps were irritating me so they switched me to the progesterone in oil IM shots.

On the 9th day after my transfer I started having some brown to pink blood tinged mucous discharge. It was very little but at times I had completely clear mucous with tiny red streaks of blood. Now this morning (day 10 after transfer) I woke up with much more mucous again brownish pink tinge. I am still on progesterone 1cc daily, baby asprin and lovenox 40 mg daily. I have never had any bleeding until stopping the progesterone in other cycles. My beta is scheduled for wednesday 6/25. I know you can not tell me without examining me where the blood is coming from. However, from your experience should I be preparing myself for a negative beta? Do you think the lovenox could be playing a role in this blood tinged mucous?



B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 22

It is not unusual to have spotting or even a frank bleed and still have a normal pregnancy.
Good luck.



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