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LiamJacob - June 12

Hi Dr
Our story is kind of involved but we need advice to ensure we are still on the correct path. My wife had three IVF procedures becuse of blocked tubes. The first created 15 eggs, 12 fertilized, however only one early stage blast and the remainder morulas. This IVF didn't work. The second IVF 17 eggs, 15 fertilized, again only 1 early stage blast and the rest morulas. Implanted 3 and two took, we were having twins. This is the sad part. Everything was going great we were almost 23 weeks and my wifes cervix let go. My boys, Liam and Jacob were born but only lived a few seconds and both died in my arms, this occurred June 29 2007. We buried the boys in a cemetary beside our home. My wife and I are still so devistated, it was terrible and still is. We took a break but wanted to try before Christmas and tried another IVF. This time the Dr changed the meds and DW only created 5 eggs, 3 fertilized and went onto morulas, very similar to the stage the emryos were at for our twins. We rushed into this one and think we should have waited as the embryos didn't take. We decided to take a break and discussed options with Dr. Dr said that he would like us to either go right to medicated IVF or try natural IVF to try to see if the embryo grows better without stimulation. We have continued to try on our own every month faithfully, trying to relax. Originally her tubes were blocked but after the preganancy the tubes opened. That was in November 2007 so we don't know if they are still open. Only once was she late, with symptoms similar to when she got pregnant. She went 11 days over and we tested with a home pregnancy test and it was negative. We have decided to try natural IVF in hopes that A- it works and B- we may find out a little more with regards to DW egg quality. DW is 33 and I am 34 and we have tried for 3 years. When Liam and Jacob were born all seemed extremely well and if not for the cervix letting go they would be here and well. So here is our plan, natural IVF for 2- 3 months unless it works and stim IVF after that.
In your opinion is this the correct choice?
Can it work again? We assume so because of our twins!!
Why do our embryos only go to late stage morula and early stage blast.??
We are doing better although the year mark is coming up in a couple of weeks. The Dr said that I am fine however my DNA frag is at 26 %. DW was at the Dr office two days before the boys died and they were great. They never did an ultrasound to check the cervix though. I'm not blaming them, but we are frusturated. At 23 weeks they were a little over a pound and had hair on their heads, fingernails needed to be cut etc.. I visit them every day and I won't lie, guys aren't suppose to cry but I commonly do. We want children so bad however its hard on my wife to continue to go through these procedures..
I take Fertile One as a precautionary
I know this is long and I apoloigize for that, its just a long sad story.
Thanks in advance
Scott :'(


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 12

I am truly sorry to hear of your tragedy. I must strongly recommend you and your wife get grief counselling.

At one of the medical schools where I was a member of the faculty. the director of the IVF program tried :natural cycle IVF" over a span of about 8 years. In that time, he got 0 (zero) pregnancies using that protocol. I do not do that!
Good luck.



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