my semen analysis report
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doctor2007 - September 18


i am 27 year old, single, i used to masturbate quiet frequently.Recently i have my semen tested for analysis and following are the tested values, i want to know about my fertility!

i also want to inform you that i have given this semen sample after 10 days of abstinence of masturbation and also no nocturnal discharge occur in this period but while giving this sample 4-5 drops of semen were wasted out and were not included in the sample tested, does this effect the viability of the test?

these are my tested values

Quantity: 4 ml

Colour: grayish

Ph: 7.5

Liquafaction time: 35 mins


Total sperm count: 35 million

Pus cells: 6-8/hpf

Red cells : Occasional


active after first hour :30%

sluggish after first hour 15%

dead after first hour 55%

Active after third hour 20%

sluggish after third hour 15%

dead after third hour:65%

Remarks: Normal 60% abnormal :40%

Please reply me soon about whether these are normal reports or not and whether my sperms are active or motile and what abut morphology?

Thank You



B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 19

Your masturbation did not impair your fertility. Your count, volume are OK. Your motility is down, a bit. There is no report of sperm morphology. My guess is the lab you used does not pay attention to morphologt. Most labs do not do a proper assessment of morphology, anyway. If the evaluation of morphology is done right, it correlates well with the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs. Since the report is not complete, I cannot answer your question about your fertility. Also, remember, it takes more than just male fertility.


doctor2007 - September 25

hi doc,

i have mebtioned the morphology of my sperms in the post ,it was 60% normail and 40% abnormal shape and what will you comment on the 6-8 pus cells hpf found in my sperms are they okay? and tell me is there any effect on motility of sperms if one has masturbated after 10 days of abstinence?

waiting 4 ur reply!!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 25

There is only one set of criteria for sperm morphology, which has been correlated with the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs. Dr. Theneu Kruger has published a great many studies of sperm physiology associated with this strict set of criteria for morphology. Using the strict criteria, perfectly normal men will have 10% to 14% normal forms in the ejaculate. The report of 60% normal forms means nothing to me, since it is not based on the abilit of sperm to fertilize eggs.



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