my day 5 transfer experience...any input?
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miacat - July 3

I just went underwent my second IVF treatment at a new clinic. I'm 33y.o. dx with PCOS. My husband is 43 y.o. and all sperm analysis indicate that there are no problems with his sperm. My first IVF resulted in high number of day 3 embryos of good quality but subsequently only poor day 5 blastocysts (all were uneven and fragmented). We transferred 2 anyway but no success. I changed clinics and just completed my 2nd IVF cycle. They retrieved 26 eggs (22 mature), 15 fertilized and all made it to day 3 ( 9 were of excellent quality). We decided to go for a day 5 transfer. On day 5 only 2 blastocyst were available to transfer (grade AC and grade BC) no other blastocysts met the qualifications for cryopreservation and were discarded. I was fully aware that a lot of embryos don't make it to day 5 but with my numbers we were expecting more. Do these numbers indicate an egg quality problem or some other problem or is this a "normal" occurence. Any insight and or recommendations/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks for your input.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 3

Actually there is a better probability there is a sperm problem. Genes from the sperm do not play a role in the developement of the embryo until about day 3. Also, if the andrology lab is not properly using strict criteria for sperm morphology, you are not getting an acurate picture of sperm quality.
Good luck.


miacat - July 4

Thanks for your input. If this IVF isn't successful what would you recommend our next step is. If there is a sperm issue does that mean we'd have to use donor sperm or are there other procedures we can use. I've been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and am starting to get tired of all the "procedures". We decided to try a maximum of 4 IVF cycles so if this doesn't work we'll only have 2 left. We therefore want to do everything we can to maximize our chances. What recommendations do you have? Thanks again for your input


marymary - July 4

Hi Dr.

I had a day 5 transfer with two eggs all of VERY good quality, no fragmantation. however on day 5 after the transfer i began to bleed and on day six i passed a very small amount of clots. the bleeding is not heavy at all however, enough to have to use a pad and when i use the washroom and i wipe there is always a small amount of clots on the tissue. Does this mean i have most likely lost the pregnancy? or could it just be one sheding while the other implants? I took apregnancy test on sunday July 2 and it was negative. My transfer tooke place on June 24. my retreival was on june 19


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 4

For male factor issues, I refer husbands to a sub specialist trained to treat male factor infertility. He Spent at least a year in fellowship trrainig after he completed a urology residency. There are not many arround. My collaboration with him has been very beneficial to my patients. I do not know where there may be an apprpriate speialist near you, but Dr. Buch is in Plano, Texas.

I do not know why you had bleeding after your embryo transfer. You may not have had an implantation. I am sorry you did not become pregnant. Unfortunately, it does not work every time.



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