Multiple failed IVF
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wannababy78 - August 5

Dr.Jacobs, I have written here several and got your valuable advice. Long Story Short.I'm 31 and DH 40.

Got prenant naturally and m/c naturally before.

1st Beta -995
2nd Beta -982

Then started declining

Moved to IVF after multiple IUI's
Retrived 24 eggs, 17 mature, 11 made to Blast

Fresh Cycle - BFN
All betas taken 10Days past transfer and second beta 4 days after 1st beta.
1st FET - BFP, m/c again. 1st beta 250 then started declining
2nd FET - BFN
3rd FET - BFP 1st beta 225, second 1980, started bleeding two days after second beta but m/c again.
4th FET - Waiting for beta - not very hopeful.

My RE says it must be the embryos. There must be some chromosome problems. So he suggests we move to PGD. Is he right or should I consider getting second opinion?

What are my chances of getting/sustaining pregnancy with PGD? After doing PGD, if I have more embryos, can they freeze it? any more info would be helpful?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 7

PGD is certainly a reasonable consideration. You obviously have implaqntation and developement for a period of time before the demise of a very early pregnancy. It would probably be less expensive for youand your husband to have chromosome analysis perfomed first. One of you might be a balanced translocation carrier. In which case, half the eggs, or sperm would have the wrong chromosome componant. It is also possible that there is an abnormal gene causing the demise of the pregnancy. I am assuming your uteine cvity has been adequately examined, and you are not making anti-phospholipid antibodies.
Good luck.


wannababy78 - August 8

Thanks Dr.Jacobs. We have already performed all the chormosome analysis tests. We both are not carriers of any diseases. They did anti-phospholipid test asw ell and they are ok as well. We are so confused why it is not happening...


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 9

I do not have a valid explanation. There is a theoretic possibillity that you are each carriers for a lewthal gene defect that is not associated with an ihherited disease.POtentiallly, that is an explanation for the high miscarriage rate among the Hutterite community.
Good luck.



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