morphology questions - IUI?
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Greta - July 9

My husband's semen analysis results are as follows:

#1 #2 #3
Count (Mil) - 138 - 68 - 142
Morphology - 12% - 6% - 4%
Motility - 13% - 16% - 30%
Vitality (live)- 21% - 40% - 70%

Liquefaction time, WBC, etc was all normal.

I have luteal phase defect according to my OB/GYN.

My OB/GYN sent us to a urologist after the first 2 tests. He diagnosed my husband with a prostate infection based on how his prostate felt. After 30 days of antibiotics, he re-checked it and said it was no longer "soft." We then waited a couple of weeks and did the 3rd semen analysis. Motility is still low, but slightly improved. Vitality is a huge improvement. Morphology was even lower.

My OB/GYN had told me that after we saw the urologist and got a good semen analysis, she would treat me with clomid. She said if his problem was not fixed she would have to refer me to an RE to discuss IVF. The urologist asked where we were in all this and I told him. He said he thinks the numbers are good enough to try clomid even though they are not still "normal" results. I have not called my OB/GYN yet because I can't decide whether to tell her what the urologist said and hope she lets me try clomid with less than normal results on my husband's test or if I should go ahead and head for the RE's office to discuss IVF.

Should I try clomid first? Why isn't anyone talking about IUI with clomid/trigger? Wouldn't washing the sperm give us a decent sample to work with since his count is high? I just don't want to take clomid and "waste" a cycle on it if the chances are still too slim with his morphology since I have been told you can only take clomid so many times. I also don't want to jump into IVF if there is a good chance clomid or IUI could work. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.


Greta - July 9

Oh, I guess I should add that I have had all the blood tests (FSH, LH, free testosterone, CBC, prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, estriadol, and I don't even remember what else!) and an ultrasound done and everything checked out except my progesterone. It was 1.2 at 7 days past ovulation.

I'm 32 and my husband is 33 if that makes any difference.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 9

Only 15% to 20% of women become pregnant on Clomid. I have not prescribed it in over 10 years. The success rate is too low. I do not know if you need IVF. I rely on semen analysis data from an andrology lab, which provides far more information than the vast majority of labs. For more information about Clomid and thorough semen analysis, please see our web page, <>. Also, you are far better off seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist to try to become pregnant, thanseeing an OB-GYN.
Good luck.


Greta - July 9

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll choose the RE over the OB/GYN and see what he has to say about my options.



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