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riv - June 22

OK dOC / eVERYONE ::: so here are my numbers :

Volume: 3 ml [ok]
Count: 51 million / ml [also not bad]
Motility: 20% excellent forward prog // 60% non-motile [ bad result]
MORPHOLOGY: 10 % normal 90% abnormal forms [On the scale where 15% normal forms is ok]
SO I HAVE A couple of Questions:
Do the abnormal forms get spread around both the non motile and the motile sperms ? IE, of the 20% which are exc forward prog, will 90% of those ('the good sperm') also be bad morphers, therefore leaving only a total of 2% of the sperm being both good swimmers and in good shape?
Or is it more that if the sperm is a bad swimmer (80%) these will also contain most of the bad morphers, ie the 20% which swim well are also likely to be in good shape ?
Do you see my point ? Basically are 20% of my sperm good to go, or only 2 % ?
ALSO- on the subject of ABNORMAL FORMs - is there a risk one of these
could get through and fertilise an egg ? If so, will the embryo be damaged in some way ? If so, is there anything one can do to avoid ?

ALSO, the 20% which have exc forward progression : I read that as between Y chromo and X chromo sperm the former are much faster swimmers than the latter: does that mean that most or all of my 20% exc forw prog sperms are likely to be Y chromos and therefore produce a male embryo / child ?

[There's a lot to think about isn't there ??]


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 22

You can estimate that the same percent of the motile forms will have abnormal morphology as do the no motile forms. That may not be the case, but you can make that assumption. There is no evidence that there is any difference in rate of swimming of X and Y bearing sperm.
Good luck.


riv - June 22

Thanks for reply: so.......... I have only 2million per ml of decent functional sperm ? :'(

How much luck does that mean I need ?

And if I totally abstain from alcohol for 3 months (having previously been a bit of an imbiber [ie a bottle of wine with dinner every evening] ) how much benefit would that produce is it possible to guess ??

:-[ [ are kids worth if to give up the pleasures of the Grape ? (only kidding...)] :)

And again - is there any danger of a fast moving bad morpher getting through and creating a less-than-perfect embryo ??


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 22

You have to determine your priorities. Based on the information you have provided, unless treatment of you rhusband can provide significant improvement of semen parameters, you will be best served by injecting his sperm into your eggs.
Good luck.


riv - June 22

But what treatment [s] could provide 'significant improvement of semen parameters ' ?

Are there supplements / vitamins / whatever which would be of benefit ?

How much improvement of motility / morphology is abstention from alcohol likely to afford ?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 23

I collaborate with a sub specialty trained urologist. I am what medications may be of benefit in your case. I do know that frequently semen paramers as you described are caused by varicoceles. Surgical repair can frequently improve sem3en parameters. You may still neeed ICSI.
Good luck.



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