MicroScissors Equipment for interuterine scar tissue
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Brenda - March 29

Hi Dr. Jacobs
Thank you for your prior response to my post regarding progesterone suppositories versus progesterone in oil shots, for overcoming immune issues. Also that research was not reproduceable.

After many a long battle, I have finally in the care of a good clinic....I think. They suspected I had interuterine scar tissue inside of the uterus, due to my cavavity would not filling with saline. Prior to January of this year, my uterine cavavity would always filled with the saline injection to determine if I had fibroids.

I had a surgical hysterscopy yesterday and in deed my worst nightmare came true. My uterus is severly scarred and the walls had collapsed. I had a prior d&C and this clinic, bc I guess of their reputation, will not comment on the cause of this scar tissue known as Ashermans syndrome. They are saying that adenomyosis caused it and i believe it was you or another well respected RE, that said that Adenomymosis does not cause Asherman's syndrome.

A couple of questions on the use of the micro scissors. Does using this micro scissors decrease the potential of scar tissue bc it is not an electrical current.
I do have a balloon stint in place and it will be removed in 7 days and I think then I will go onto hormones for a couple of months to see how the uterus is functioning or responding to the hormones.
Can you tell me what are other conditions that could of caused the scar tissue in the first place? Like if I was running an infection when the original d&C took place of perhaps it was a condition of a missed miscarriage, or I had a hysteroscopic rectoscope and also a d&C at the same time.
In my prior surgeries, I never had a d&C performed when I had a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy. I was given lupron depot, prior to the lap/hysteroscopy which purpose was to remove potential submucosal fibroids.

Is it more acceptable to administer lupron Depot prior to a hysteroscopic rectscope, which main purpose is to remove the fibroids?

I also wanted to know if the ashermans syndrome is cleared, do your chances decrease if you have had ashermans but your uterus has been rebuilt successfully and also what other tests should be run before doing another transfer?



Barry Jacobs, M. D. - March 30

The technique to take down the adhesions probably does not matter. I prefer LASER. The ballon stint is very apprpriate, in my opinion. I prefer to have your remaining endometrium stimulated by estrogen after the procedure, and I would probably not use Lupron until your endometrium has healed from your hysteroscopic procedure.
Good luck.



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