Many transfers not one BFP yet
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Tracie64 - March 9

Dear Dr
I am 43 and my DH is 36. We have been doing IVF for 6 years as I have no tubes. Lost to two ectopics.

I did at least 11 ivf/FETs with my own eggs and no BFPs
Then I found a 31yo egg donor with a 5 yo child and had 2 FETs with that,one blastie put in both times and no BFP

I just had a fresh IVF with a new egg donor last week. She is a healthy 21yo with a 1yo and 3yo child.

We got 10 blasties 6 grade 1s and 4 grade 2s.I had to convice my Dr to put blasties in as in Australia this is usually a no no with blasties but he agreed to put a grade 1 and a grade 2 in.

I had a blood and scan day before transfer Prog 19 and Eost 573 and lining was 9.3mm

So all seemed good until 5 days after transfer when I got some red spotting on and off during the day. The Dr put me on some provera tablets. I was also on progynova and prog pesseries 2 3times a day. On my first blood my prog was 30 and est was 530. What do you think of these numbers

I feel the damage was already done when I got the spotting. I have an appointment with my Dr on the 18th of march and was wondering what I could do different. Could there be something going on in my body after so many transfers (14) now and not one BFP ever.

I have 8 blasties left and dont want to waste them until I have done further investigation.

Your thoughts would be appreciated from the Aussie girl. I live in Perth WA and we are so far behind over here.

Tracie64 ;)


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 9

There are multiple reports of spotting in IVF cycles,and there is no evidence that there is a greeater risk of pregnancy loss or abnormal pregnancy.
Good luck.


Tracie64 - March 10

Hi there

Sorry to bother you again but I find here in West Australia we are so behind and unless you ask a doctor to do something it may not happen

If you were me based on your knowledge would you do further testing and for what as all the transfers and not one positive there has to be something going on dont you think

Sorry just hoping you can give me some advice as after 6 years and 14 dissapointments I dont wanna waste those 8 blasties I have left. Donors in Perth are hard to
come by.

Tracie64xxo ;)Aussie girl


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 10

Your use of an egg donor is a good idea. As far as further testing, I have not reviewed your medical records, so I cannot provide meaningful advice. I can suggest you read our web page, <>. I have provided information regarding how I evaluate infertile couples.
Good luck.



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